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Qimera Calculate Contours Dialog

How to Start

  • Contouring option of the Layer menu in the Main Menu bar

What it Does

This dialog creates contours on surfaces in your project.

General Description

This process is available for a Static or Dynamic surface. It is necessary to specify which elevations will be contoured. The easiest way to generate intervals is to click on either the Bathymetric or Topographic Quick Intervals button. Clicking either of these buttons will add a number of intervals in the Contour Intervals list box. To generate contours at regular intervals specify the minimum and maximum starting elevation and the elevation step amount in the Starting Z Value, Ending Z Value and Interval Step fields. Once these values are specified, clicking on the Generate Intervals will automatically add the appropriate contours to the list. Note that only intervals that fall within the range of the selected data object will be added. Specific intervals can also be added directly by clicking the Insert Contours... button. The new interval will then be added to the list. Intervals can be removed by highlighting them and clicking the Delete button. The Clear All Values will clear all the entries in the list.

Labels can be generated for the contours by enabling the Label Contours toggle. If the Label Contours toggle is turned on, enter the size of the labels to be generated in the Label Size field. The size entered is approximately the height of the letters in units of the data. Once the desired contour intervals have been specified, clicking the OK button will prompt to save a generated the contour file and make it appear in the scene. The Cancel button simply closes the dialog without performing the contouring operation.

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