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Qimera Calculate Spot Soundings

How to Start

  • Spot Soundings option of the Layer menu in the Main Menu bar

What it Does

This dialog creates spot soundings on the current dynamic surface in your project.

General Description

This process is available for a Dynamic surface. There are two ways of creating the spot soundings.

  • Minimum Distance, creates spot soundings at least the specified distance apart.
  • Fixed Spacing, creates spot soundings at fixed intervals.

These options will determine the position and distance of the points that will be shown in the scene. The specified distance is set with the Interval drop down.

The spot soundings have a label showing the depth. The label size can be adjusted using the Text Size control. The default is 1 but this can still seem rather big when using low values as interval. The Sign Convention is an option to show the depths of the spot soundings as either a positive number or a negative number. When all the options are set, Qimera will ask you to save the file.  After saving the file, the spot soundings will be shown in the scene. It is possible to adjust the settings of the spot soundings in the attribute panel. This will pop up when you click on the spot soundings layer in the Project Layers dock.

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