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Qimera Colormap Range Adjustment Dialog

How to Start

  • Select one or more surfaces (or scalars), click the Colormap button in the Attribute Panel and choose Adjust Colormap Range...

What it Does

This dialog adjusts how colormap is applied to the range of values in the selected layers.

General Description

The dialog shows two ranges:

  • The Data Range is the actual range of values found in the selected files. This is not user editable.
  • The User Range is a separate range that can override the data range when coloring the surface.

The actual effect of the user range depends on the scaling type of the colormap.

  • For Percentage Based colormaps, it adjusts the minimum and maximum that the relative scaling occurs between.
  • For Fixed Range colormaps, it just adjusts the minimum and maximum outside of which values should be considered out of range.

With a Single Surface Selected

If only one surface is selected, a histogram is shown, as in the image above. This shows where in the range the majority of the data lies, making it easier to choose a user range. Left clicking on the histogram sets the user minimum. Right clicking sets the maximum.

The Reset button, resets the user range to match the data range.

With Multiple Surfaces Selected

If multiple surfaces are selected, the histogram and reset buttons are hidden and the user range defaults to the data range.

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