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Qimera Configure Shortcuts Dialog

How to Start 

  1. Configure Shortcuts... option of the Project menu in the Main Menu Toolbar. 
  2. Using the default shortcut key Ctrl-0 or CMD-0 (zero) for Windows/Linux and Mac respectively. 

What it Does

This dialog allows the user to configure their own shortcuts for predefined actions within the application. Each action can contain two shortcuts that must not conflict with any other action shortcut. In the event a conflict occurs, notification will be given and the option to unset the conflicting action will provided. All user defined shortcuts will be saved for all future instances of the application. 

General Description


The Filter text field is used to search for a shortcut. Shortcuts can be found using their Action Name or Primary and Secondary Shortcut keys. 

Action Shortcuts

The Action column defines the application action the shortcut will affect. This column cannot be modified and all actions are governed by the application. In particular cases the action within the Action column will contain a Group ID followed by the Action to help clarify where the shortcut is used, for example: "3DEditor: Clear Suspect". This Action Shortcut will only be used when the 3D Editor is open and Active.

Primary and Secondary Shorcuts

The Primary and Secondary Shortcut columns display the application shortcuts for the corresponding Action. Action shortcuts can be set by clicking the cell and entering a key sequence on the keyboard. If the shortcut is not in conflict it will be displayed in the cell. 

When a cell is selected it may contain two additional icons. The  button will reset the Action Shortcut to the application default. The  button will clear the Action Shortcut. 

In the event a Action Shortcut is entered and is in conflict with another shortcut, the user will be notified with the option to unset the conflicting shortcut. No two Actions can have the same shortcut. 

Restore Defaults

Clicking Restore Defaults will restore all the Shortcuts for all Actions to their default values. 

Ok and Cancel

Clicking Ok will apply all the changes the user has made. Clicking Cancel will revert all changes to their state before the Configure Shortcuts dialog was launched. 

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