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Qimera Create Clipped Surface

How to Start

  • Create Clipped Surrface option from Dynamic Surface menu of Main Menu bar

What it Does

This dialog allows you to create a clipped surface of the currently selected surface.  You are able to select the depth range that you desire in the final dynamic surface that is created.

General Description

This feature will clone the currently selected surface and run a clipping filter on all the cells for the surface.  This occurs for all layers within the surface (shallow, deep, average, CUBE).  If the cell depth is outside the clipping range, the cell will be marked as invalid.  It should be noted that no soundings are rejected during this operation.  This capability can be used to aid in cleaning data within a certain depth range.  All exports, including those of CUBE surfaces, will only export the remaining valid cells of your clipped surface.

Editing Clipped Surfaces

Clipped surfaces are in reality just another Dynamic Surface.  When they are created, the Update option for the surface is set to Always.  What this means is that if you edit soundings that are part of the original clipped surface, this surface will update and Re-Clip itself.  If you don't want this surface to continually update during edit operations, simply change the Update option to Manual.   However, if you need to update soundings that are part of the clipped surface, you can allow Qimera to perform an update operation or use the right-click context menu of the surface to request Update Dynamic Surface From Edits. After any type of update operation, automatic or manual, Qimera will re-clip the surface to the originally specified depth range.