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Qimera Dock Windows

Other than the central 2D/3D scene, the majority of the Qimera window is made up of "docks". Docks are smaller pieces of the user interface, dedicated to a particular piece of functionality, which can be hidden or rearranged to suit the users needs or preferences.

Qimera currently has the following docks:

Interacting with Docks

As you move the mouse around the main window, you will notice that the dock under the mouse is indicated by displaying a darker border. Each dock has a title bar containing the name of the dock, a detach/attach () button and a close () button.

Clicking the close button hides a dock from view. To bring back a closed dock, click its entry in the Window Menu.

Clicking the detach/attach button will cause the dock to detach itself from the main window to become an independent window. Clicking it again will cause the dock to reattach to the main window. Docks can also be detached by left-clicking and dragging on the title bar. While dragging a detached dock you can move it around the screen (or even to a second screen) or move it to a new docking area in the main window. Valid docking areas for the selected dock will highlight as you move it over the window. Docks can be placed side-by-side with each other or stacked on top of one another. A tab bar is shown for navigating between stacked docks.

Docks sizes are adjustable, down to a dock specific minimum size. To resize docks attached to the main window, click and drag on the splitters between docks. To resize detached docks, click and drag on the lower right corner of the dock. (Note that a resize cursor isn't always displayed, so unfortunately trial and error may be required.)

The layout of the main window is saved automatically. To save and restore different layouts, see the workspace management options in in the Window Menu.

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