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Qimera Dry Run Dialog


How to Start

  • Right-click context menu for raw sonar data 

What it Does

Runs a simulated processing session for a line selection. 

General Description

This dialog runs on the line selection from the Project Sources tree view.  When you click on the Run button, the utility stands up a line processing configuration for Qimera to process, but runs the processing without actually engaging the engine at the beam level.  In this way, you get to see all the choices that Qimera will be provided and the time series lookup results that will happen during processing.  For example, the following is a Dry Run output that was the result of a Kongsberg file using height information from an imported POSPac file.

Processing Settings Section

This first section shows all of the options selected by the Processing Settings dialog.

Input Data Availability Section

This shows the time series data order as prioritized in the Processing Settings dialog.

Input Data Usage Section

This section show where time series samples came from at the time resolution of 1 ping.  It also shows which SVP was used for which pings. 

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