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Qimera Dynamic Workflow

Qimera's Dynamic Workflow engine works by taking advantage of the dependencies between raw measurements, processed soundings and derivative products.  If a raw measurement is altered, or a processing configuration is changed, the engine will establish which set of processed soundings must be updated. It will determine what type of re-processing must occur and which derivative products must be updated.  While in manual workflow mode, Qimera will mark all source items that require reprocessing with an update icon in the Project Sources view panel (1). The user can also manually trigger an update by clicking the Auto Process button in the main toolbar. 

In order to establish A Dynamic Workflow, the user must allow Qimera to perform all necessary updates automatically when a user alters items in which dependencies may exist. The activation of the automatic update mechanism occurs when the"Do not ask me again" tick-box (2) is selected following major edits or reconfiguration operations.  The Qimera Dynamic Workflow builds slowly over the course of the unique user experience in Qimera. As the user gains more experience with Qimera, they decide when to allow Qimera to remember desired outcomes when editing or making changes in configuration.

The user can revert to manual workflow mode by clearing all or selected prompts in the Remembered Prompts tab in Project → Preferences → Remembered Prompts.

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