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Qimera Edit Modified Flags Dialog

How to Start

  • Right-click context menu of raw sonar files

What it Does

Manually resets raw sonar file 'dirty' flags. 

General Description

As you change or edit a number of input information for the Dynamic Workflow engine, Qimera will "dirty" certain flags of a raw sonar file.  These flags tell Qimera the types of processes that need to run on a file during any Auto-Solve session.  This dialog allows you to activate or deactivate these flags.  You should pay attention to the warning at the bottom of the dialog as manually changing these flags makes the state of the associated lines ambiguous.  An use case of a reason to use this flag is as follows:

1)  The user has a project consisting of a number of raw sonar files when they then process and produce a Dynamic Surface

2)  The user imports some GNSS height information from a POSPac file.

3)  Qimera marks all overlapping files as needing processing.  The users realizes they produced the POSPac file incorrectly so they answer No when Qimera asks to process the data.

4)  The user removes the invalid POSPac file

5)  The lines are still marked as needing processing.  The user selects the lines and launches this dialog.  They then simply uncheck the Heighting files or configurations flag and click OK.  Qimera will then indicate that those lines need no further processing.

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