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Qimera Export Processed Points Dialog

How to Start

  • Processed Points option of the Export→ Raw Sonar File sub-menu of the Main Menu bar

What it Does 

This dialog is used to export raw or processed points to another supported processed point format. 

General Description


The Format group allows you to format your data for export. Selecting the Output Format combo box will let you choose one of several export options. The Z Value Export allows you to configure which value will be exported as the Z value for your data set. Click the Configure button to choose the configuration of the x,y and z values of your export. 

The Filter Setup button launches Filter Dialog. This dialog gives the options to export all soundings, only accepted soundings or only rejected soundings. Extra filters can be added to only export soundings that only have the flags Plotted, Feature, Suspect, or User Additional (water column picks) set.

Output Coordinate System

The Output Coordinate System allows the user to change the coordinate system that the resulting output will be referenced to. By default the project system will be set on launch. 

Export Options

The user can select a output directory that the ASCII Track files will be written to. If a folder is selected that already contains files with identical names the user will be warned about overwriting.

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