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Qimera Export to FAU Dialog

How to Start 

  1. to FAU... option of the Export→Raw Sonar File sub-menu of the Main Menu toolbar. 
  2. to FAU... option of the Export→Processed Point File sub-menu of the Main Menu toolbar. 
  3. to FAU... option of the Source→Export sub-menu when selecting a file in the Project Sources window. 

What it Does

This dialog allows the user to Export Soundings to the FAU file format. Depending on the file type and data collection methods additional options may be available in the Options group.

General Description


The Systems group contains all the systems available for export. Selecting the checkbox next to a system will include it in the exported dataset. Depending on the export file format multiple systems may be available for export.


The Options group contains additional options that can be applied to the exported data

Include Rejected Soundings will include all the rejected soundings in the output dataset. The rejected soundings will be flagged as rejected in the output FAU. 

Split File By Head will export multiple files based on the number of selected systems. This option is only enabled when there are multiple systems available for export. The resulting files will have the system name appended to their filename. 

The next two options were enabled in Qimera release 1.7.6 as a result of multiple definitions in different FAU format description documents. They Default to the way Qimera exported to FAU for versions 1.7.5 and older (Positive Angles to Starboard and Beam Angles in 1/10 degree).

Positive Angles To "Starboard" or "Port" will save the Beam Angles with the Positive Direction to the chosen side.

Beam Angles In "1/10" or "1/100" degree allows the choice of Beam Angle Resolution.

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