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Qimera - General

This page contains frequently asked questions for Qimera. 

On this page:

Can a user choose to disable the Welcome Screen?

No, this is not possible.

Are there hotkeys available in Qimera?

Yes there are, please see the page of Qimera Configure Shortcuts Dialog for a list of the hot keys available in the Qimera user interface and the 3D Editor.

What is the status of laser support in Qimera?

Raw laser data is currently supported if it is logged via QINSy. It is possible to change the vessel offsets, reprocess, and apply post processed navigation. As of Qimera 2.1, it is now possible to use the Patch Test Tool but not the Wobble Analysis tool. Non QINSy laser data can be imported as processed point files which will allow you to clean the files as part of a Dynamic Surface.

In the Preferences, what is the Questions and Answer box for?

Qimera prompts the user at several stages for input during data import and processing operations.  The user can choose "Yes/No" and can also have the project remember the answer such that the next time the program doesn't bother with asking the same question over and over.  The user can reset all the "remembered" answers in the project preferences.

What types of raw files are supported by Qimera?

At the moment QINSy .db files, Reson (.s7k), Kongsberg .(all), Generic Sensor Format (.gsf), Edgetech (.jsf), Elac Seabeam (.xse), R2Sonic (.r2sc), and Hypack (.hsx) files are supported as Raw Files. You can find more information on our Qimera Data Format Information page.