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Qimera Import ASCII SVP Dialog

How to Start

  • Import ASCII SVP option of the Source->Import sub-menu in the Main Menu bar

What it Does

This dialog is used to import ASCII SVP information into your project. 

General Description

This dialog is launched via the Import ASCII SVP option of the Source->Import sub-menu in the Main Menu bar.  Generic ASCII data can be imported into Qimera using the ASCII importer tool.  It is generic so it can easily handle parsing columns of data and assigning these to depth and sound speed fields, however, you will need to manually set the position and date/time of the SVP since the ASCII importer does not currently handle single field extraction.  Alternately, you can specify the position and date/time after import in the SVP Editor.

The dialog has several sections, these are explained below.

Input File Type

You'll need to first configure the ASCII fields via the Custom ASCII Configuration button which shows the Custom ASCII File Configuration dialog. For SVP import, you'll need to identify the two columns of data associated with sound velocity and depth.  All other data will be ignored.

Field Mappings

Click the Field Mappings button to set the mapping between the column numbers to the depth and sound velocity variables.  The combo boxes to the right of each data type allows you to specify the units of the incoming data.  These will be used to correctly convert the SVP data into the survey units used in the Qimera project.


The SVP will need to be assigned to a specific vessel, choose the vessel from the combo box in this section of the dialog.

Coordinate System

If you are specifying position of the SVP, you will need to provide the coordinate frame that the position is referenced to.

SVP Time and Position

If you have the position and/or date/time of the SVP, you can specify them at this stage.  Alternately, you can configure this at a later stage in the SVP Editor.

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