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Qimera Import ESRI Shape Dialog

How to Start

  • Import ArcGIS Shape option of the Layer menu in the Main Menu bar

What it Does

This dialog imports an ESRI shape file into your project as a visual layer.

General Description

This import dialog allows you to add ESRI shape file objects to your scene as visual layers.  The File Name shows you the file you have selected.  The Type shows you the shape file type.  Possible types are Point (2D), Polyline (2D), Polygon (2D), Multipoint (2D), PointZ (3D), PolylineZ (3D), PolygonZ (3D), MultipointZ (3D), and MultiPatch.  The Examine Attributes button launches a dialog that lists all of the attribute fields and the rows of data for the object.

The X-Field, Y-Field, Z-Field and Label Field combo boxes tell Qimera which fields to map against the x, y, z and label (for point and line importing).  The Z-Conversion Scale allows you to invert the imported Z value.  When importing Point objects, the Load Attributes will load all the other attributes of the object even if not mapped to x, y, z, or label.  The Coordinate System dialog shows the coordinate system of the shape file.  Qimera will automatically re-project this data to the project's coordinate system.

Show below is a coastline shape file imported into the scene and the corresponding layer object in the SD Objects node of the Project Layers window.

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