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Qimera Job Activity Dock

Qimera - Job Activity

Almost every processing job performed by Qimera is performed as background tasks, some of which are multi-core enabled.  This allows the user to continue working with their data, such as editing, while they are processing newly added files.  The Job Activity window shows a list of all queued jobs.  The jobs themselves process linearly and can be cancelled using the Cancel Job button .  As the jobs run, the primary progress bar will show the internal progress.  The Core Progress will show the multi-core progress for the operation.  Many jobs will print success or failure information to the log window.  This log is saved to the project log file contained in the project directory ~/LogFiles/job-activity.log.  The clock on the lower left of the dialog indicates run time for the currently running job.  The clock on the lower right displays the total run time for all jobs within the Qimera session.  This log window is important as any failures or warnings during data importing or processing will be displayed here.  If you choose to hide this window, you will still know jobs are running in the background via the icon at the far right of the Qimera Status Bar.

 This button will clear the log window

 This button activates the drop down menu

Reset Activity Log

This is the only option of the dropdown menu.  It clears the log window.

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