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Qimera PFM Unload Wizard

How to Start

Unload PFM Edits option of PFM context menu in Qimera Project Layers Dock

What it Does

 This dialog prompts the user to unload edits from PFM to processed point files.  

General Description

PFM files that are added to Qimera can be edited. Usually this involves modifying soundings as rejected or not but can also change whether a sounding is marked as Feature, Plotted, or Suspect. Once you have edited a PFM data set, edits temporarily stored in the PFM can be applied back to the original source files using the Unload PFM option. Some formats such as GSF also support writing back whether a sounding is marked as Feature, Plotted, or Suspect.  If the processed point file format does not support unloading, this operation cannot be completed and the wizard will notify the user.

When choosing to unload changes, the Unload wizard will appear. An option is given to clear all modified flags when the operation has completed. This will slow down the operation slightly and discard information about how soundings have been edited. But if further edits are made, it will speed up unloading if it needs to be done again for those particular files. If the source files are ASCII, instead of unloading to the original source file users can instead save all the valid data to a new ASCII file.

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