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Qimera Processed Point File Configuration Dialog

How to Start

  • Edit File Configuration option of processed point file context menu.

What it Does

 This dialog controls how Processed Point Files are configured upon import.

General Description

If the file(s) being configured is an ASCII file it will use the configuration as described in Custom ASCII File Dialog. If the file(s) is not ASCII, it will use the dialog as described below.

The file type is displayed and a table displaying all the input fields for the current input files. The Mapping column indicates how a given field is used during the process operations. By changing the Mapping values, different fields can be used for both the value to grid as well as the X and Y value. In addition to changing what fields are used, any field can also be inverted by setting the Modifier column to Invert. The second tab in the configuration dialog is the Flags control that is used to specify which input flags are used to reject data during any process operations. This table contains two columns. One to display the flag name, and another to specify whether to accept, reject, exclude the data or mark that data as feature, suspect or plotted for data that has the given flag set to true. 

If the File Configuration has been changed for any Processed Point File loaded in Qimera, and that Processed Point file has an associated QPD file, the QPD file will automatically be regenerated. Before the QPD is regenerated, a warning will pop up because any edits made to the QPD file will be lost.

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