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Qimera Processed Point File TPU Calculation Dialog

How to Start

  • Edit TPU Setup option of processed points context menu.

What it Does

This dialog controls TPU settings for processed point files.

General Description

TPU Calculation Setup presents a dialog used to calculate the Horizontal and Vertical TPU values for each sounding in the file. This setup is only necessary when building a Dynamic Surface with CUBE. If this setup is not done before building a Dynamic Surface with CUBE then this dialog will be prompted when building a Dynamic Surface.

There are four options for the source of TPU:

  1. If the Point File format contains precomputed TPU values, then the first option the dialog presents for setup is to use those default values. If the format does not contain TPU values this option will not be presented in the dialog.
  2. The next option is to calculate the TPU based on Depth using IHO S-44 Standard.
  3. The third option is to assign the TPU based on a standard deviation in fixed percentage of the depth value for each sounding.
  4. The final option is simply assign a constant value used for all soundings for both vertical and horizontal TPU.

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