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Qimera Project Browser Dialog

How to Start

  • The dialog is shown automatically when Qimera is started up.
  • Open Project Browser... option of the Project menu

What it does

This dialog allows you to create a new project or load a previous project via a visual list. 

General Description

When Qimera starts, the Welcome to Qimera dialog displays a list of previously created projects.  Either Double-Click the desired entry or select it and click the Open button.  If you click the Open Other button, you will get the same dialog as the Open Project option from the Main Menu or the button from the Bathymetry Toolbar.  This is simply a folder browser dialog as show below.  Qimera projects contain a qpsproject.xml file inside the folder that tells Qimera that this is a valid project.  If you open a QINSy project, Qimera will create that XML file for future reference and storage of Qimera metadata.  Simply browse to the project you want to load and Double-Click or click on the Select Folder button.

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