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Qimera Project Structure

Top Level Layout

When you create a project, the project is actually a folder containing a specific set of sub-folders that will be the target of some data generated by or exported from Qimera.  If you load an existing QINSy project, Qimera will add any additional folders that it needs.  The top level also contains the qpsproject.xml file which contains all of the information required to persist key data within your project.

Project XML File

Manual editing of the qpsproject.xml file is not recommended as it determines what is loaded and viewable in the project. 


The database folder is where template and recorded database files are stored from a Qinsy project. Therefor, this folder will only be populated if you open a existing Qinsy project. For more information on database files, visit this link.

DtmData Folder

This folder contains all of the QPD files created by Qimera, or copied into Qimera during a QINSy project data import operation.   The QPDs are grouped into sub-folders by vessel name. In the case of using Processed Point Files they are grouped in a sub-folder labeled PointFiles.

QPD Files

Do not delete or move QPD files in these folders.  Doing this causes the project state to become unstable and can have negative consequences (crashes).  Qimera maintains internal linkage between the QPD files, their raw source data and any Dynamic Surfaces that are built by them.


Export Folder

This folder is the default location for any export operations that Qimera performs.  Examples are ASCII navigation exports, GSF exports, etc.  Feel free to move or delete files in this folder.


This folder contains the project thumbnail image.  The filename is always project-thumbnail.png.  Deleting this file will remove it's ability to show up in the Welcome screen but will be re-created the next time you open the project.


This folder contains any Dynamic Surface objects.  Each surface has it's own sub-folder containing all the surface components.  The .grdx file contains the CUBE data, and is created when CUBE processing is enabled during the Create Dynamic Surface process.  The .sd file is the Fledermaus visual object for a surface.  The .surface  file contains the bathymetric layers and the shading illumination information. The .xml file contains the internal surface metadata. Upon editing a surface with Slice or 3D editor, a .grdtrail file will be created which stores surface edit over information.

GridData Folder

Do not edit more or move any files within a Dynamic Surface folder unless you have removed that surface from your project. Doing this causes the project state to become unstable and can have negative consequences (crashes). 

Qimera 2.0_GridData_GliphyDiagram


This folder contains the job-activity.log file which is a copy of the information that appears in the Job Activity Window.  It also contains a sub-folder of the Process History XML files which contains the process-history.xml file and the WorkFlowNNN files that are used to show processing metadata information in the Process History window.

LogFiles Folder

If you delete the process history folder, you will lose all record of the processing performed on your data.



This folder contains all of the metadata information stripped from the imported files.  See the section on Metadata Extraction for more information.  The contents of this folder are described below:

Metadata Folder

Do not edit or move any files in this folder.  Doing this causes the project state to become unstable and can have negative consequences (crashes).  If you need to delete a file, remove it from the appropriate node of the Project Sources window.

Visual Components

  • Trackline (.sd)

Vessel Files

  • Sensor and System Setup (.vessel)
  • Squat Table (.squat)

Processing Control Files

  • File Index (.fmi)
  • Processing Dirty Flags (.hints_v1)
  • Processing Settings (.procsettings)
  • Echosounder Settings (.echo)
  • Prioritized Time Series Solutions (.sol)
  • Bathymetric Histogram (.histo_relative)

Time Series Data

  • Position (.position_##)
  • Position Standard Deviation (.positionsd_##)
  • Motion (.motion_##)
  • Motion Standard Deviation (.motionsd_##)
  • Heading (.heading_##)
  • Heading Standard Deviation (.headingsd_##)
  • Height (.height_##)
  • Height Standard Deviation (.heightsd_##)
  • Surface Sound Speed (.soundspeed_##)
  • Pressure (.pressure_##)
  • Depth (.depth_##)
  • Tide (.tide_##)
  • Dynamic Squat (.squat_##)
  • SVP (.bsvp)

Processed Point  Files

  • Metadata collected from the processed point file (.xml)
  • Center line (.sd)
  • Offsets for each sounding needed for specific formats (.unload)



Imported an ENC chart files (.00*) will be converted to a Qimera QNC file and added the the project QNC folder.


This folder will contain exported Fledermaus files. More information to come.


This folder contains any Fledermaus SD layers that are create through an import or export process as well as any Static Surface SD objects.

SD Folder

Do not delete any SD files in this folder unless they have been removed from the project.  Doing this causes the project state to become unstable and can have negative consequences (crashes). 


This folder contains the unique SVPs imported into Qimera or stripped from raw sonar files by the Metadata Extraction process.  The SVPs are grouped into sub-folders by vessel name.  Each vessel folder also contains a svp.schedule file that contains the extraction SVP intended scheduling from the raw sonar files.

SVP Folder

Do not delete any of these sub-folders or files.  If you do, they will not be usable by Qimera for processing and the application state could become unstable.  If you need to delete a file, remove it from the SVP node of the Project Sources window.


SVP Folder

 Do not delete any SVP files in the sub-folders.  Doing this causes the project state to become unstable and can have negative consequences (crashes). 


This folder contains tide data used in the project.


This folder is the default location for any Patch Test or Wobble Test sessions that are saved.  If you delete them, they just become unusable by future sessions.

Patch Test

  • Main patch test file (.patchtest)
  • Patch test report (.pdf)

Wobble Test

  • Main wobble test file (.wobbletest)

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