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Qimera Remove Lines Dialog

How to Start

  • Remove Lines option from Dynamic Surface menu of Main Menu bar
  • Context menu of processed point files
  • Context menu of raw sonar files

What it Does

This dialog allows you to remove lines from a Dynamic Surface.

General Description

After selecting a dynamic surface from the project layers window this option lets you remove the data from one or more lines that was used to build the surface. For example say one accidently added  the "..._0009_20050728_..." line as shown in the dialog above. Simply uncheck that line and click Ok and the dynamic surface will be updated with all data from the unchecked line removed. If you open this dialog again that line will no longer appear as part of the dynamic surface. By default only the lines that are currently selected in the Project Sources tree will be marked as checked. To add more lines you the append to a dynamic surface option.

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