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Qimera Screen Capture Dialog

How to Start

  • Export Screen Capture... option of the Export menu in the Main Menu bar

What it Does

This dialog is used to export the current scene display to a supported image format.

General Description

A screen shot of the current scene can be saved using this dialog. The export file location, name, format type and resolution must be specified in this dialog.


The folder where the exported image will be saved. The default folder will point to /Graphics/Screen Captures in the current Qimera project directory.

File Name

The filename of the exported image including its format extension. If the extension is removed it will be automatically applied based on the format selected in the 'Image Format' Combo Box.

Image Format

This Combo Box allows selection of the exported image format. Current supported export formats are JPG, PNG, TIFF, EPS. The 'Copy to Clipboard' option will copy the image to the operating system clipboard and allow for pasting into an external application.

Scale Factor

Increasing the scale factor will increase the resolution of the resulting image. The resulting image size and megapixel values will be displayed next to the 'Image Size' label.

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