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Qimera Status Bar

Qimera - Status Bar

The Status Bar has 5 areas of information.  The first area which is left justified will show you the current location of cursor over the scene in both project coordinates and WGS84 geographic coordinates. If the cursor is hovering over a dynamic surface and the dynamic surface is not colored by height, the color by value and name will be displayed as seen above with Uncertainty (95% c.l.) as an example. This area will also show distance information when the cursor is in Measure Mode as shown below.

The next area is the Auto Import status.  If active, the tooltip will show you the current folder that is the target of the auto import.

The next area is the Tile Loading prompt.  During Dynamic Surface use, grid tiles are being streamed off disk at various levels-of-detail based on the distance of the tile from the eye-point.  Depending on the size of the grid, loading all of the highest level-of-detail tiles can take time so this display will inform you as to progress of the streaming.

The next area is the total amount of memory that Qimera has allocated for use by the application.  Typically the bulk of this will be made up of the surfaces you have created or ancillary contextual objects you have loaded.  The widget goes from green, to yellow, to red indicating how much of the available memory you are using.

The final widget is an indicator to show that a background job is current running.  If you don't have the Activity Monitor window visible, this provides an indication that background jobs are running.  If a red "X" appears on the widget, an error has occurred during processing and you should check for any error messages in the Activity Monitor log window.


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