How-to Qimera - Sentinel NetHASP

This Howto explains how to set up the Sentinel NetHASP (or Net Hasp) as either a server or client.

If you have installed QINSy on your Windows machine, this driver is already installed and no further work should be required to get the NetHASP working as either a server or client.


Install Driver (If Qimera or Fledermaus are already installed)

In the bin folder where Qimera or Fledermaus is installed, there is a file called haspdinst.exe. The default location for this is C:/Program Files/QPS/Qimera (or Fledermaus)/bin.

Go to that folder with either Windows Command Prompt or Powershell (run with Administrator privileges) and run the following command:

haspdinst.exe -i

This will install the Hasp drivers which includes the runtime drivers to enable both the Host and Client Net Hasp capabilities.

Download Driver separately

A driver is also available from the QINSy, Qimera, and Fledermaus download web pages:


Download Run Time installer

First, download the appropriate Mac OS package from here: Sentinel Mac OS Downloads

Normally, the Run-Time GUI Installation package would be chosen.

Install the package

Both of the packages shown above are DMG files and can be installed directly.


Download Run Time installer

First, download the appropriate linux package from here: Sentinel Linux Downloads

If the link doesn't work, search for "sentinel linux hasp driver". One of the links should be more specific than the general Sentinel download page. If the general sentinel page: is all that's available, change the search parameters as follows:

The Run-Time Installer Script will be required for non Ubuntu / Redhat type Linux distributions.

Install the package

Unzip the downloaded file.

In Ubuntu / Mint / etc run:

sudo dpkg -i aksusbd_7.81-1_amd64.deb 

or install it with the GUI package manager.

In Redhat / CentOS / SuSE, use the 'rpm -i' command (or use the GUI package installer):

As root:
rpm -i aksusbd-7.81-1.x86_64.rpm


See the following pages for additional information:

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