Qimera Dynamic Workflow

Qimera's Dynamic Workflow engine works by taking advantage of the dependencies between raw measurements, processed soundings and derivative products.  If a raw measurement is altered, or perhaps a processing configuration is changed, the engine can easily establish which set of processed soundings must be updated, it will establish exactly what type of re-processing must occur and also which derivative products must be updated.  In manual workflow mode, Qimera simply marks all source items needing reprocessing with an update icon in the Project Sources view.  The user can trigger an update by clicking the Auto Process button in the main toolbar.  A Dynamic Workflow is established only when the user allows Qimera to perform all necessary updates automatically after a user makes a change to any of the items for which other items may depend upon.  The mechanism for this is "Do not ask me again" tickbox that is always shown in the prompted questions that are presented to the user after any major type of edit or reconfiguration operation.  This is done slowly as the user gains more experience with Qimera and explicitly chooses to allow Qimera to remember desired outcomes when they perform an edit or change a configuration.

The user can revert to a manual mode of operation by clearing the remembered questions in the Project Preferences dialog, which is accessed under the Project menu.

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