Qimera Screen Capture Dialog

How to Start

  • Save Screen Capture option of the Scene menu in the Main Menu bar

What it Does

This dialog allows you to save a screen capture of your scene to an image file. 

General Description

The image can be saved as either a tiff image or as an encapsulated postscript (eps) file. Choose the image format from the Image Type  pop-up.  The entry field at the top displays the name of the image file to be saved. The Image Size  entry field gives the output size (width x height) of the generated image both in pixels and in Megabytes. The image size is based on the actual dimensions of the visualization window and the magnification factor specified by the Magnification  slider bar.  The magnification factor will be multiplied with the dimensions of the visualization window to give the final image size. For example, in the above Snapshot Dialog figure above the final image size will be 816 by 587 pixels, the file will be 1.8 Megabytes in size and the magnification factor is 1. With a magnification factor of 1 the image size will match the visualization window exactly. Note that the amount of memory required for an image increases by the square of the image dimensions. The memory requirements indicate how much RAM will be required to save the image and may not reflect the actual size of the resulting image file due to compression. When magnifying the image ensure that enough memory is available in your machine to hold the image before it is written to the file.


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