Qimera Select Coordinate System Dialog

How to Start

What it Does

This dialog allows the user to select or create a coordinate system for use by Qimera

General Description

Options other than simple selection of pre-existing coordinate systems are advanced operations and the user is advised to have geodetic knowledge before proceeding.  The main dialog shows the currently selected coordinate system and details of the named coordinate system.




Do not attempt to use this feature unless you have geodetic knowledge and experience working with Well Known Text (.wkt) strings.

This button launches the Edit Coordinate System Dialog.


This launches a file browser so that you can import Well Known Text (.wkt) or ESRI (.prj) coordinate system files.


This launches the Find dialog that is used to textually search for coordinate systems.  The combo box allows you to search for text in the Coordinate System Name or the EPSG code.  Simply enter the text and click on the Find button.  A list of matching coordinate systems will appear in the list box as show in the right image below.



This button removes the selected coordinate system from your library.


This button brings up a file save dialog for you to save the coordinate system to the Well Known Text (.wkt) format.


This button shows the about box below which indicates the current EPSG Database version.


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