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How-to Create a Geoid or Vertical Offset Model (VOM)

This How-to describes step-by-step how to create your own geoid model file or height level correction model and use it within Qinsy.

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Schematic overview

How-to Create Vertical Offset Model

Questions & Answers

ProjectedWhat is projected data?We assume that this is projected on project datum and the separation value is also relative to project datum.
Point spacing

What is regular and irregular spacing?

Irregularly spaced:

Regularly spaced:

What is meant by having a different spacing in x and y?The data can be regularly spaced but still have a different spacing in X and Y.
Area sizeWhat is a small area?

This is a bit tricky since it mostly depends on points in an area:

  • If you have an ASCII file that covers the whole continent or more, for example, it is recommended to use the BIN workflow.
  • If it just covers your work site, using a QGFVOM is recommended.

If the QGFVOM is larger than 15Mb it is also a good indication that you might need to use either a smaller area or try the BIN workflow.

DatumWhat is Project datum and Source datum?

Example of geodetic setup:

Project datum: ED50
Source datum: WGS 84

Purple stepsWhat do they refer to?