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2. Qinsy Project Setup

Setting up a new project

  • When a new project is created in Qinsy 9, it is a little different from creating a project in QINSy 8.X.XX:
    • The main difference is, that the Geodetics are now stored in the project itself, and not in the template anymore
    • It is also not possible to modify the Geodetics in the template, the user needs to go to the Geodetic User Interface

  • Go to 'Project' in the main menu and 'Select project'

  • Select 'New Project'

  • When 'New Project' is selected, the following window will pop up, where it is possible to set up the project:
    • Give the project a name
    • Define the Geodetics
      • It is possible to either open the Geodetic User Interface:

  • Or import an existing WKT string,

  • Or select a Predefined Geodetic setup:

  • If the Geodetics are defined, select 'Create', and Qinsy will ask if the user wants to create a new template.

  • For a more detailed explanation of the options in the Geodetics section, please read this document: How-to Set up a Project and Geodetic Settings

Now that the geodetic settings have been entered, continue to : 2. Qinsy Database Setup