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How-to Export GSF

This How-to describes how to export Generic Sensor Format (GSF) in Qinsy.

Use the Export function in the Raw Data Manager (Replay).
The Sensor Export tool can be used to export Sensor Data from a Qinsy database (.db) and digital terrain model (.qpd) file.

IMPORTANT: It requires that a *.db file is present in the Database folder and that a *.qpd file is present in the DtmData folder of your project.
Subfolders of those respective folders are also ok. If *.qpd files are missing, please replay your data first.

With SensorExport, you can add different export tasks.
Export tasks will be written by default to the Export subfolder of your project, but you can specify any location you have access to.

Export Tasks
AddClick “Add” to add a task. If you hadn't added a task before, type in a new name for your task to create a new .xml task file.
In case of a new file, the Task Setup Wizard will be shown.
RemoveThis button allows you to remove the task from the list.
EditEdit which systems were used to record the data and which need to be exported now.

The SensorExport tool will check if you have selected an export task that can actually be performed on the DTM’s you have selected.
Check the ‘Valid’ column, that is says ‘Yes’. If this says ‘No’, edit the export task.

Overall Settings
Export AllBy default, the entire DTM you have selected will be exported.
Export PartialThis setting will allow you to export a part of the DTM.
Use the Start and End sliders to indicate within which time span the settings need to be exported.
Note that the end time must be later than the start time.
ExportPress to start exporting the selected data.

Progress of sensor export
Open folder with explorer

Tick this box to view all files present in the target folder. The target folder is the folder the *.gsf file was saved in.

View the results

Tick this box to get an overview of what has been exported. (See illustration below.)
In case multiple *.gsf files were exported, only the first will be shown.

Number of beams

If the multibeam system outputs a variable number of beams per ping and this is a problem for the 3rd Party software then it is possible to force the number of beams to a fixed value.

The Registry Key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\QPS\Qinsy\8.x\Export\SensorExport\Settings\Force Beam Count" needs to be set to the maximum number of beams that the multibeam system can generate, for example 256, 512 etc.
The Export program will default the GSF ping to the maximum number of beams, invalidate all beams and based on the beam number will fill the data.

For Normal operation this registry key should be set to 0, then the option is NOT USED.