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How-to Use a Copied template with different Geodetics

Using a template with already set geodetics

If you open a Project with already set geodetics and you try to add an existing template with different geodetics:

  • Qinsy offers to synchronize the geodetics that are present in the copied template with the following warning:

The warning contains:

  • An explanation regarding a geodetic difference between the selected template and the geodetics in the project
  • An option to update the template geodetics with the geodetics from the project
  • The option to make a backup of this selected template
  • The option to cancel the update


If the user selects 'Cancel', the following warning will pop-up:

  • Nothing is updated and extracted;
  • The template is not selected and it is not possible to go online with the template that has different Geodetic Settings;
  • The user can change this by opening the 'Setup' and select the template with different Geodetic Settings;
  • The synchronization pop-up will be visible again;