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QINSy 8.17.1 Release

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10 August 2017, We're pleased to present QINSy version 8.17.1

What is new in this version?

QINSy software is continuously being improved and new features are added. The following is a summary of the changes made. This QINSy 8.17.1 version was mainly focused on bug issues.

From the 8.17.0 version onward, it is possible to install a new version next to previous QINSy installations. However it is highly recommended to un-install previous versions first as QINSy was always installed in:C:\Program Files (x86)\QPS\QINSy

New QINSy versions will be installed as: C:\Program Files (x86)\QPS\QINSy\8.17.1

A Desktop icon will be created for QINSy 8.17.1

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Feedback Project

Feedback / Suggestions / Improvements from customers are reviewed and made available in the Feedback Project for all QPS software users. A user has the opportunity to vote for issues and leave additional comments that contribute to the feedback item. QPS staff will comment and update in the feedback issue listed.    

More information can be found at:

Please have a look at the issues that are available for Voting here: 

List of items from QINSy Feedback Project that have been implemented:



Utilities - Generic Layout Editor - Use multiple system observations in formula with operators7
5FQI-117PM.NET - CAD - Option to merge / import files4
3FQI-175Drivers - Singlebeam - AIRMAR EchoRange $SDXDR3
2FQI-178Utilities - Generic Layout Editor - QPD - Export KP and Offset2


Below is a list of the important issues that have been resolved in this release. This list is not exhaustive.


Session Setup - Line Planning - Doesn't open QGF created in PM.NET

  • Import of dxf and dwg does not name the objects and that's why the Controller shows a message
  • In Additional Terrains - Rename QGF file and Remove QINSy Mapping.

Navigation Display

  • View - Target Selection (AIS) locks all buttons after using it. This has been fixed
  • A new cursor mode has been added that shows which mode is being used:

  • Sounding Grid - Zoom level disappeared from status bar. This has been added again.
  • Line Planning - Colors are not complying with colors selected in PM.NET
    • The colors of the active Line Planning were stored in S-52, but now comply with the user selected colors in the PM.NET
    • Also added these changes to DspBullseye and Dsp3dGrid

Display Snap option

The display snap is creating borders/gaps around windows (Windows 10).

  • Windows can be snapped on the edges without leaving a gap


  • Tritech Bathy data items get different time tags
    This is what caused this issue:

After midnight/and/or after resetting the unit, and just before the unit receives a new accurate UTC timetag (from QINSy or ZDA), the timetag in the datastream was probably totally wrong and most likely somewhere 'in the future'.

From that moment on, the QINSy driver will wait for an ROV Depth and/or Sound Velocity observation with a newer timetag. So, 'older' observations (with the correct UTC timetag) are not accepted and not stored, until the UTC time passes the initial wrong timetag.

Note that ROV Altitude observations are always stored, even when the timetag is older than the previously received one.
This is by design, because this observation type is a non-computation observation, hence treated differently internally than the other two.

When you need to use the active (UTC) driver again in the future, it's strongly recommended to check if the three observations (ROV Depth, ROV Altitude and Sound Velocity) are updated in the Observation Physics display. Especially after resetting the Tritech unit around midnight.

Offline / Replay / Raw Data Manager

  • Import NCOM - Time shift between processed and raw results

      • New release, ImportASCII.exe, v8.17.1.2017.08.10.1
        Resolved time stamping issue when importing the (OxTS) NCOM format:
        To convert the decoded GPS time from the data to UTC time, the decoded UTC Offset value from the data was added. However, the wrong sign was applied, so the UTC time stamp was incorrect by twice the value of the offset. This has been corrected.

  • Export XTF - Wrong MRU node exported
      • Selected node is now exported.
  • Export QC Report - Relative Heading graph does not show relative difference to reference heading
      • Heading difference is now shown for -180º to +180º relative to the Heading reference source.

Processing Manager

  • File Explorer

    • CAD - Design Model (*.qgfdes) files visible although not active / Deselecting will not make things invisible. This has been fixed.
  • Planview 

    • Sounding Grid - Zoom level from planview not working. This has been fixed (similar to the Navigation Display).

  • Sounding Grid

    • Fill operations - Dialogue items not completely visible. The dialog is now scalable

    • Export BAG - Using Regional Settings is causing issues in Caris Base Editor
        • Date format is changed into yyyy-MM-dd format and identical to the export in Qimera and Fledermaus

    • Export GeoTiff 
        • The export will now work for non square boundaries 
        • Bug where export resulted in an upside down tiff is now solved
        • Slow or not working when using large grids / Results in black images if grid is too large
          • In the upcoming QINSy version bigger grid files can be exported.
          • If a grid file is too large, it will give you a warning to try a higher grid level (bigger cell size / less detail)
        • GeoTiff 32 bits RGB [DEM] - 'No-data' value results set in 0. Empty spaces in a grid are not exported to a geotiff by the Processing Manager.
        •  Will work for Geographic Sounding Grids
  • CAD 

    • Annotations - Error when saving file. This has been resolved

    • Line Planning 

      • Edit Objects not possible for layer. When selecting a layer and clicking on Edit Object all present items are being listed of the primitive selected (Points/Lines/Polylines/Area). Previously a selection was required.

      • Edit Objects crashes when copy and paste from Excel

        • The maximum number of sections created in one action has been changed from 1,000 to 10,000

        • When creating 1000 sections at once you see that the program hangs for 5-10 seconds. This was caused by a continued refresh after every added section. The MPs, true MPs and events were all updated after every added section. This is no longer done, only after the last one has been added one update is done.

      • Crashes when clipping on boundary edge. This has now been solved.

      • Export to DXF/DWG crashes. Resolved. The problem was caused due to an empty polyline without any points.

      • Import ESRI - crashes when importing shapefile by dragging. This has been resolved.

      • Line and point names not showing on ASCII import. Option to add name to text label if user did not set primitive name. A warning is generated when no name can be set.

      • DXF/ DWG is not working when no qgf files exist in a project. Import DXF is now working again.


  • Export Pisys formats - VisualWorks Cross Profile, TPF1 and TPF 2 - depth Means Seabed Level is inverted

      • Sign modification for Visual Soft Cross-Profile format:
        The sign of the Mean Seabed Level (Field 11) is now also according to the sign of all other depth related fields: positive downwards.
        I.e. that current format follows revision v10.1 and onward.

  • Import Leveling Data (E,N,H)

      • The QPD reported a wrong start time. The start and end times from the QPD are now retrieved from the data and are then set as the recording time. If no date and time is available in the data it will use the system times.

      • Creates the wrong (old) QPD1 format. New QPD format is created now.

      • Lines from *.pro are not imported anymore. The *.pro option has been removed from the selection option.

  • Import ASCII track (SBET import) sensitive to Windows region settings
      • An extra button has been added which will let the computer set the StartTime to the Saturday-Sunday midnight crossing closest to the value in the Date Picker editor.

        • The user fills in 25/03/2017 12.00 PM 

        • The user presses the '(tick)' button 

        • The program will automatically set the StartTime to 26/03/2017 12.00 AM

Tide Data Manager

    • "Import - Time correction is not properly applied"

      • The first page now makes it clear that we are converting it to UTC: "Hours to subtract to convert times to UTC"



  • Session Setup - Storage - Control
  • Automatic Transfer of Storage database (Backup): Added option to also transfer the DTM and/or XTF files, together with the storage database.


  • Profile - Select - Terrain - Renamed QGF Design Model to Design Model

Processing Manager

  • Edit lines

    • Changed objects names that don't have the name attribute to "Unnamed <type> <recId>" and they will appear in RedOrange color
    • Renaming Tool has been added to easily change the names of lines, waypoints and routes
    • Row numbers are now shown
  • Project Explorer will now show the total file size in the Properties View when groups are selected
  • Warning when file sizes exceed a limit

New Functionality 


Generic Layout Editor 

  • Use multiple system observations in formula with operators (FQI-99)

    • Added possibility to combine a value for a particular item with a value from another one. How? 

      Just go to the Operator Property of your item and add the ADD, SUB, MUL and/or DIV operator. Instead of using a fixed manual value as operand, you may now select another item from a list with all defined items representing a number. Any combination is possible, as long as the selected items represent a number and already exists in the current layout.

  • DTM - QPD - Add THU and TVU
    • It is now possible to Export TPU values of Footprints in generic layouts. 
      • This was already possible in the PM.NET - QPS - Export - ASCII, but not together with other items then present in the QPD.
        Now you can combine it with all other items available for export in Generic Layout Editor


In the Drivers Manual: Redundancy Monitor - 23

  • Inserted a warning  to use a common time reference in the Driver Manual

Known Issues

For this release the following issues have been reported:


Issue description


Processing Manager/Navigation Display

Memory problem with CAD files which contain many complex Blocks.

Simplify the Blocks in the used source file.
In a later release this will be solved.

Processing Manager/ENC

Issue with different usage levels of ENC's of Rijkswaterstaat of the Netherlands. It is not possible to view the Zeeland ENC and Nederland ENC at the same time.
Rijkswaterstaat is updating the charts with new usage levels. More information about the Rijkswaterstaat updates can be found at:

Zeeland ENC does show up with usage level: Use 'Compilation' scale

Nederland ENC does show up with usage level: Use 'Custom and Standard'

Controller/Database setup

Issue with using Vertical Offset Models (QGFVOM). If you want to use a QGFVOM and you have an old Geoidmodel.xml file, a search is done for 2 old .PRO files. Since these a no longer part of the new QINSy installations, QINSy cannot use the QGFVOM file.

Odom Annotation driverAnnotation does not work

Solved in next release