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Qinsy 8.18.1 Release

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20 April 2018

03 April 2018 8.18.1

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This is a Maintenance release with bug fixes and small improvements.

Check out the new features in the QINSy 8.18.0 Release Notes.


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A new document has been added to the Knowledge Base: How-to Create a Geoid or Vertical Offset Model (v8.18.2 - 8.18.x)

And one document has been revised extensively: How-to Side Scan Sonar

Bug Fixes

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Below is a list of the important issues that have been resolved in this release. This list is not exhaustive.

List of issues

The following 4 issues have been solved in QINSy

  • Version numbers in About box updated
  • Displays - Navigation display - Option Vessel shape filled (note that default is on)
  • PM.NET - CAD - QGF with design model cannot be converted to QGFDES
  • PM.NET - Linedata - Apply KP's based on the spheroid instead of grid


The following has been solved in QINSy 8.18.1


  • Drivers - Autopilot - Lines keep going left/right. Improvement is that lines will be alternating between left and right
  • Drivers - Output - Autopilot - Turn line was not smooth
  • Drivers - AIS - Related system - "Other vessel's message" is always set to 'Ship's Own Message'
  • Drivers - INS- Halliburton SAS - Change output trigger to time/computation based
  • Drivers - Output - Simrad output to DP: made sure that the right number of waypoints is send
  • Drivers - MBES - Kongsberg - EM300x - Transducer Setup - Does not correctly indicate the used mode
  • Drivers - Singlebeam - Odom - EchoTrac - Record raw sample data together with annotations
  • Drivers - Output - OPC - Tags Change from String to Float
  • Drivers - Output - Generic ASCII data logger is added automatically
  • Drivers - Kongsberg EM Controller - Settings for selection between RS-232 and RS-422
  • Drivers - Kongsberg EM Controller - Create a logfile by default enabled
  • Drivers - 2 related systems of DrvPositionNMEAUDP.exe are shown with same name
  • Drivers - Varying update rate and 'hanging' with Sonardyne LNAV driver
  • Drivers - New driver for VODAS Waypoint Control (Dredge Flag)


  • Displays - Profile - In a specific case an Object would not be shown
  • Displays - Profile - Not able to switch off connected lines
  • Displays - Profile - TSS440 beam selection error
  • Displays - Profile - Double echosounder profile ONLY in EquiAngular mode
  • Displays - Profile - tip of the "zoom" mouse does not correspond with the Y value in status bar
  • Displays - Profile - View - Front / Aft - Drawing order in incorrect
  • Displays - Profile - Disabling pipe will also disable more nodes
  • Displays - Profile - Safety Line <Design> and Sounding Grid <Design>appear as <Design>
  • Displays - Navigation - Hanging after a while and stops responding
  • Displays - Navigation - Combination Layer Grid to QGFDes not displayed online
  • Displays - Navigation - MBE coverage not correct anymore, very erratic
  • Displays - Navigation - A Support and maintenance notification will be shown shortly before and after this is expired
  • Displays - Generic - Special fonts are not possible anymore
  • Displays - Alert - dialogs have no Help functions
  • Displays - Alert - Crashes
  • Displays - Alert - SV compare does not take survey units into account
  • Displays - Alert - Does not follow unit philosophy as the other displays & controller
  • Displays - Alert - RMS value is meters but US Survey Feet text is displayed next to value
  • Displays - Alert - R2Sonic Nadir Beam displays US Survey Ft but data is actually metres
  • Displays - Helmsman - QINSy controller and display crash when creating Helmsman display
  • Displays - 3D Point Cloud - Side pane cannot be hidden and pinned anymore
  • Displays - 3D Point - White flash on resized windows
  • Displays - 3D Point - Camera settings are not correctly restored
  • Displays - 3D Point Cloud display - Defaults - 'Show flagged points' disabled
  • Displays - 3D Point Cloud - Option to clear the data in the display


  • PM.NET - CAD - Vertical Offset Model - Workflow improvements
  • PM.NET - CAD - Vertical Offset Model - Crashes when export VDatum model to QGFvom
  • PM.NET - CAD - Vertical Offset Model - Add option to Import into Sounding Grid
  • PM.NET - CAD - Vertical Offset Model - Creating a model from ASCII Lat Long file does not work
  • PM.NET - CAD - Vertical Offset Model - Import - ASCII ENH does not work
  • PM.NET - CAD - Vertical Offset Model - Import - not refering to active project import folder
  • PM.NET - CAD - Line Planning - Cosmetics in the Add Section Dialog
  • PM.NET - CAD - Line Planning - Move on drag goes wrong when pipeline has curves
  • PM.NET - CAD - Line Planning - Edit curved pipeline - Apply Operator will change the radius field
  • PM.NET - CAD - Line Planning - In correct Lat lon in WG84 of coordinates in DD.dddd mode
  • PM.NET - CAD - Add option to change qgf file type
  • PM.NET - CAD - It should not be possible to move background data in Processing Manager
  • PM.NET - CAD - Import - Reference Level River Lines
  • PM.NET - CAD - Import - GEOBAS column Z is decoded instead of H
  • PM.NET - CAD - Import - External file - Source file is moved to backup when importing
  • PM.NET - CAD - Import - No go back/Escape option for no-imports
  • PM.NET - CAD - Import - Extra CAD/GIS import option when ArcGis Engine is installed
  • PM.NET - CAD - Add option to Extract qgf objects for correct target qgf
    • "Convert file type" has now been replaced by "Extract from file"
  • PM.NET - CAD - Design - Import - does not show layers of TerraModel Pro
  • PM.NET - CAD - Design - Import - Quick Profile Generating error
  • PM.NET - CAD - Design - Models should not be converted to background files
  • PM.NET - CAD - Design - Isolating a layer does not work
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Contours and Sounding - Area selection required to get results
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Combination layer - Cell Info - Difference not shown when using 2 grids
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Fill Operation - Cell Selection - Interpolated Cells - Fills more than interpolated Cells
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Export - GeoTiff - doesn't work with attribute date/time (or sd or count)
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Export - Geotiff - No warning on level 0 when to large
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Operations - Wrong warning is given when closing layer operations
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Statistics - Reference layer is not selectable
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Contours and Soundings - Error when minimum distance is grid cell based
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Grid layer names not directly updated
  • PM.NET - SoundingGrid - scan for min max can be long and is inaccurate
  • PM.NET - File management - CAD - Sessions are not upgraded for new QGF formats / extension
  • PM.NET - File Management - Show in profile icon not following properties
  • PM.NET - File Management - Random layers on after every task in processing manager
  • PM.NET - Plotting - Crash when trying to plot
  • PM.NET - Crash d/t Automatic Backup when working with a project on the network
  • PM.NET - Profile - Sync colors with plan view colors
  • PM.NET - Formats of dates different in different columns
  • PM.NET - User Interface - When selecting in rectangle in Pan mouse mode, the viewport pans
  • PM.NET - Validator doesn't open when using a secondary project
  • PM.NET - Option has been removed to select contour files in volume calculation
  • PM.NET - QPD - Export - ASCII - Dual head duplicates stbd head
  • PM.NET - QPD - Export - LAS/LAZ not default to active project Export folder
  • PM.NET - QPD - Export - User Defined ASCII - Storage of settings file do not adhere to convention
  • PM.NET - QPD - Export - Export to Fau causes recalculation Geometry


  • Utilities - ENC Administrator - Default QNC not displayed in Navigation display due to a missing setting in ENC administrator
  • Utilities - Color Map Editor - Files must be saved as .clr
  • Utilities - I/O Driver Editor - Add button to open the ini drivers folder
  • Setup - Geodetics - Wasserspiegelmodel should be Höhenreferenzfläche
  • Setup - Database Setup - Geodetics - Database Setup crash when changing survey units
  • Setup - Database Setup - ATT Tide Driver - Issue with Ref Level (changing reference level is not saved)
  • Setup - Database - Geodetics - Unknown Geoid code should be name
  • Offline - Import ASCII - NMEA - GPGGA is only using 1 of 2 height fields
  • Offline - Import ASCII - some older ascii formats have been removed from the import options list
  • Console - QINSy 8.18 unable to start Console on Panel PCs
  • Console - TideManager name in Console is wrong
  • Console - Dialog for when no valid license is found


  • Online - Controller - Storage - QPD - Gap in first part (singlebeam/multibeam)
  • Online - Controller - Calibrations - Position Fix - Save position fix other line database is still *.qgf
  • Online - Controller - Computation Setup - Computation drop-down menu does not update the Generic Display
  • Online - Controller - Rename setting in Controllers View pulldown menu to Suppress recording pop ups
  • Online - SVP - Connect to Logger - One of the 2 download buttons doesn't work
  • Online - Crash of Proxy.exe shutdown of QINSy
  • Online - DrvDbout - Dialog information for critical error warning has been improved. Support information is added
  • Online - Socket Server - Remote client navigation display not updating
  • Online - Dredging - Intrusion detection - When QGF is selected it should be locked for editing in PM.NET
  • Online - Won't start - QINSy Inshore - Does not support Output System for Generic ASCII Data Logger
  • Online - Computation - RTK Tide - Issue with SVP comparison when tide settings are not synchronized

Known Issues

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For this release the following issues have been reported:


Issue description


LicensingIf you start a QPS application (QINSy, Qimera or Fledermaus) with a HASP dongle and you also have a softlock license for the same application on the same computer, our applications will always authenticate against the HASP. If you then pull out the HASP dongle, the usual warning will appear and the application will shut down unless the HASP dongle is reinserted in time to prevent this. This is the exact same behavior a user would have encountered prior to introduction of our softlock licensing system in that if you pull out a HASP and do not re-insert, then the application will close. The limitation is that the current licensing system does NOT check for a softlock license after the HASP is removed, this is an improvement that we will consider in the future.

Do not start the application with a HASP if you expect to need to pull out the HASP.

Do not pull out the HASP dongle.

Processing Manager/Navigation Display

Memory problem with CAD files which contain many complex Blocks.

Simplify the Blocks in the used source file.
In a later release this will be solved.

Processing Manager/ENC

Issue with different usage levels of ENC's of Rijkswaterstaat of the Netherlands. It is not possible to view the Zeeland ENC and Nederland ENC at the same time.
Rijkswaterstaat is updating the charts with new usage levels. More information about the Rijkswaterstaat updates can be found at:

Zeeland ENC does show up with usage level: Use 'Compilation' scale

Nederland ENC does show up with usage level: Use 'Custom and Standard'

Processing Manager/Navigation DisplayThe change in colormaps (see item Color Map reversed above) may cause grids to look different from before. Make sure to set the path to the Color Maps folder in the latest release. Setting the path correctly in the Console's Global Settings, will set it right for use throughout QINSy.
Navigation DisplayDisplay of background files with arcs with a very large radii are drawn inaccurately.

Use the line in the Lineplanning and it will be drawn correcly.

Will be solved in the upcoming release.

Navigation DisplayBackground file that was created by converting this from a design will not show lines when the start and end point of that line is outside the view.Do not convert design files to background files. Note that this option is now disabled in this version.