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Qinsy 8.18.2 Release

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15 June 2018

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This is a Maintenance release with bug fixes and small improvements.

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Updated Driver Manuals Format description (not available on website) for R2Sonic and Reson 7k driver regarding the XTF supported datagrams. See Drivers Manual within QINSy.

Bug Fixes

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Below is a list of the important issues that have been resolved in this release. This list is not exhaustive.

List of issues


  • Installation - QINSy - Wrong link for download QPS geodetics when QPS Geodetics are not installed 


  • Console - Remote Display Controller - Not able to start the console from QINSy when no dongle is inserted
  • Console - Remote Display Controller - Navigation display shows Support and Maintenance banner
  • Console - Generic Layout Editor - Link to 'More Explanation' needs updating 
  • Console - License Manager - Could not find dongle


  • Drivers - MBES - Kongsberg - EM2040 C - EM Controller shows 'Special Amp Detect' twice
  • Drivers - MBES - Kongsberg EM2040C - crashes when SIS has not enabled clock datagram (when not using QINSy's Kongsberg Controller)
  • Drivers - GNSS - C-Nav 3050 PVT (TCP) missing
  • Drivers - Laser - Renishaw Dynascan - Range C-O Correction is not stored in template DB
  • Drivers - Output - Generic - Crashing due to Unknown Systems - This is now made more robust


  • Online - Socket Server - 'Failed to read Monitor result IPC Buffer' - Was a warning, not an error


  • Displays - 3D Point Cloud - WCD - Refresh / Clean is not working 
  • Displays - Navigation - CAD - Background Files and Line Databases get erased whenever restarting QINSy.
  • Displays - Navigation - CAD - Line Planning - It's not possible to activate a waypoint in the screen 
  • Displays - Navigation - Fill Shape Override doesn't work
  • Displays - Navigation - Issue with Range Marker mouse selection:

    • UpdatedMenu.png
      Option was unclear and is renamed to Floating Mouse position as the range marker is actively connected to the mouse pointer.
      Fixed Location (mouse) now allows for direct clicking in the Navigation Display for selecting a fixed position for the Range marker   
  • Displays - Navigation - Line Planning - View Properties - Multi select does not work when un-ticking / deselecting
  • Displays - Navigation - fix number and fix time font are too small
    •  You can make them bigger with the following setting:

Offline / Replay

  • Offline - Database information - History - HASP ID will be -1 when using Softlocks


  • PM.NET - CAD - Design - DTM link is generated outside of design - 
    • Was caused by triangle mesh that was not shown
      The 'hidden' triangle mesh on the input layer is no longer used as input for DtmLink
  • PM.NET - CAD - Design - Polyline does not inherit height of snapped points
  • PM.NET - CAD - Import - Polylines - Color by Layer color not applied on polylines
  • PM.NET - CAD - Line Planning - Coordinates - Copy/Paste multiple rows and column cells from Excel not working anymore
  • PM.NET - CAD - Line Planning - Crashes when creating a kpline, when missing geoid 
    • Warning was added. If user presses 
      ignore - PM will continue ( at own risk)
      abort - PM will shut down
  • PM.NET - CAD - Line Planning - Edit Object - Large imported polyline causes crash.
  • PM.NET - CAD - Line Planning - Export - ASCII KP Line Offsets - resolution from Global Settings not used
  • PM.NET - CAD - Line Planning - Import - ASCII - Resolution - Show correct number of selected decimals in preview
  • PM.NET - File Management - Show in profile icon not synchronized with item in the properties pane. 
  • PM.NET - Menu - File - New - Only possible to create line planning and annotations file
    • menu changes.png
  • PM.NET - Planview - Select - Not possible to select an Area as Boundary
  • PM.NET - Plotting - Cross Profiles - KP / MP label not shown when Route contains user defined start KP value
  • PM.NET - Profile - Color settings of surface layers not saved in session setup
  • PM.NET - Profile - Sync colors with plan view colors
  • PM.NET - Profile - Quick Profile will show more layers then it should
    • Setting were not maintained when disabling and enabling all layers of Surface (Grid / Design)
  • PM.NET - QPD - Files after merge/replace are removed from Dynamic Surface
  • PM.NET - SSS - Icon for Gain Settings is not consistent in different places
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Contours and Soundings - Can't create contours (due to settings file)
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Export - ASCII - Difference export does not work
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Export - ASCII - 2D/3D Transformation not working anymore
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Grid Tools menu is disappearing
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Import - Geoid - Not possible to 'Pick area'
    • Its easier to use File - Import - Geoid (Creates Geographical Grid_
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Volumes - hangs after cancelling border selection


Known Issues

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For this release the following issues have been reported:


Issue description


Console - License Manager - SoftlockSoftlock are onder beta evaluation and will not be supplied for the 8.18.x versionsUse a HASP dongle
LicensingIf you start a QPS application (QINSy, Qimera or Fledermaus) with a HASP dongle and you also have a softlock license for the same application on the same computer, our applications will always authenticate against the HASP. If you then pull out the HASP dongle, the usual warning will appear and the application will shut down unless the HASP dongle is reinserted in time to prevent this. This is the exact same behavior a user would have encountered prior to introduction of our softlock licensing system in that if you pull out a HASP and do not re-insert, then the application will close. The limitation is that the current licensing system does NOT check for a softlock license after the HASP is removed, this is an improvement that we will consider in the future.

Do not start the application with a HASP if you expect to need to pull out the HASP.

Do not pull out the HASP dongle.

Processing Manager/Navigation Display

Memory problem with CAD files which contain many complex Blocks.

Simplify the Blocks in the used source file.
In a later release this will be solved.

Processing Manager/ENC

Issue with different usage levels of ENC's of Rijkswaterstaat of the Netherlands. It is not possible to view the Zeeland ENC and Nederland ENC at the same time.
Rijkswaterstaat is updating the charts with new usage levels. More information about the Rijkswaterstaat updates can be found at:

Zeeland ENC does show up with usage level: Use 'Compilation' scale

Nederland ENC does show up with usage level: Use 'Custom and Standard'

Processing Manager/Navigation DisplayThe change in colormaps (see item Color Map reversed above) may cause grids to look different from before. Make sure to set the path to the Color Maps folder in the latest release. Setting the path correctly in the Console's Global Settings, will set it right for use throughout QINSy.
Navigation DisplayDisplay of background files with arcs with a very large radii are drawn inaccurately.

Use the line in the lineplanning and it will be drawn correctly.

Will be solved in the upcoming release.

Navigation DisplayBackground file that was created by converting this from a design will not show lines when the start and end point of that line is outside the view.Do not convert design files to background files. Note that this option is now disabled in this version.
Drivers - Output

This issue is only applicable when
a) your template setup contains the (multiple) NMEA sentence output driver (with user-interface dialog) and
b) you've upgraded from an older QINSy version to this new one.
In that case it is possible that the wrong NMEA sentence output is restored when going online with the new version. Therefore we strongly recommended to verify the selected NMEA sentences.

  1. Go online.
  2. Open the NMEA driver from the Windows taskbar.
  3. Remove possibly unwanted NMEA sentences.
  4. Add the required one if not present.
Drivers - MBES - EMController
  1. Selecting RS232 in the options menu currently does not work.
  2. Interfacing RS-422 currently does not work
  1. Select RS-422
  2. Interface an RS232 signal and select RS-422