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Qinsy 8.18.3 Release

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This is a Maintenance release with bug fixes and small improvements.

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Bugs Solved

Below is a list of the important issues that have been resolved and functionality that has been implemented in this release. This list is not exhaustive.


  • Setup - Installation - Link to downloads section needs to be updated


  • Console - Auto moving files - QGFDes(ign) is not moved to correct folder
  • Console - IO Driver Editor - Positioning System - Strip letters from Height Field
  • Console - License manager - License Manager is not starting from warning
  • Console - Project Upgrader - Can be skipped before the actual finish
  • Console - Project - File management - GeoTiff tfw files should move to Graphics folder
  • Console - SNTP server - Application will not start


  • Drivers - Camera - BASLER - Crashes when first image captured (Fixed crash located in file name generation of the QGF file.)

  • Drivers - INS - iXBlue - STD BIN - Connection not restored.

  • Drivers - INS - Sonardyne LNAV - Binary field 'Altitude' (height above seabed): decoded value was off by a factor 10. This has been corrected.
  • Drivers - INS - Sonardyne LNAV & ROVINS Haliburton or Output drivers - Deskew always outputs in survey datum

  • Drivers - MBES - Kongsberg - EM2040 C - EM Controller shows 'Special Amp Detect' twice

  • Drivers - Output - NMEA - Output messages changed with upgrade to 8.18.2
    The disabled messages were caused by a new message type that was added: GST.
    If you set it up in 8.18.2, it will not be a problem anymore in 8.18.3.
    Note that the pop-up message will pop up once so as to make sure you read it and check the selected output messages.
    Verified this in 8.18.3 - 300.

  • Drivers - Output - NMEA - Warning may pop up after upgrading from QINSy v8.18.1


  • Online - Callibration - Position fix - Decimals in Calibration report (Now using project settings)
  • Online - Computation - Tide - Auto tide selection based on KP line not working anymore due to *.PRO
    When starting the Controller, we check if the mainline is a *.pro file and try to look for the *.QGF line file. If found, that is used instead, or else we will inform the user that they need to add the line manually.
  • Online - Computation - RTK Tide - Causes problems with SVP comparison.
  • Online - Computation - RTK Tide - Cannot be selected until OK is pressed first.
  • Online - Echosounder settings - SVP - Connect to Logger - All have the same date and time
  • Online - Echosounder Settings - SVP - Connect to Logger - Valeport Swift - Use Pressure during import Bin format

    Import file and select the binary format:

    Make sure that 'Recalculate depth from pressure' is ticked. Click the 'Import' button.

    This message box shows up, if the profile contains temperature, pressure and velocity. 
    If the profile does not contain valid temperature, pressure and velocity the message box says it will use the default values for salinity, as it did before.

    A profile is imported.

    Note: the calculated depth is not exactly the same as the matching vpd file has. The initial calculated depth is exactly the same, but we apply a GPA (Geo Potential height Anomaly) correction to the depth. Valeport does not do this in their DataLog software 
    This GPA correction causes a 6 cm offset at a depth of 18 meters in this particular profile.
    A formula to calculate salinity has been added to the Import Sound Velocity Profile dialog in the Controller Echosounder Settings form. If a profile contains valid temperature, pressure and speed of sound the algorithm calculates salinity which is used to recalculate depth. 
    This new formula is only used when the option 'Recalculate depth from pressure' is ticked.

  • Online - Echosounder Settings - SVP - Negative temperatures warning
  • Online - Echosounder Settings - SVP - Recalculate depth should take Salinity into account
  • Online - Echosounder Settings - SVP - Valeport - Format error when importing empty binary SVP file 
  • Online - Session Setup - Fixing - FIX number resets after recording is paused 


  • Displays - Echosounder - Depth and WCD / echo trace does not fit for EA440
  • Displays - Echosounder

    View Properties: You will now have the option to show the single-beam depth value as:

    - the raw depth (as reported by the unit and decoded by the driver)
    - the depth below transducer (corrected for draft settings from Db Setup)
    - the water depth (on chart datum) 

    Further, if watercolumn data is available it will also be corrected for the selected option.

    In the above example you can see three Echosounder Displays: showing the same data but with different values and vertical scales. The information in the status bar indicates which option has been selected.

  • Displays - Navigation - CAD - Background - Updated faster in older versions

  • Displays - Navigation - CAD - Line Planning - Points - Circles stay visible when not active
  • Displays - Navigation - Layer overview - Reset to default layer order crashes the display
  • Displays - Navigation - Objects - Nodes - Overscale symbol not displayed unless vessel shape is configured in setup
  • Displays - Navigation - Toolbars - Lost buttons after minimizing with custom made toolbars

  • Displays - Navigation - Quick profile shows fake data

  • Displays - Navigation - Quick profile interaction bug - Profile and Nav display do interact when the other (than only bathy) layers (Bathy + Intensity layers) are enabled
  • Displays - Profile - CAD - Line Planning - Displays line file at the wrong depth
  • Displays - Profile - Object Shape - After shift in DbSetup object is not drawn anymore
  • Displays - Profile - Terrain - Adding a design (QGFDes) results in crashing of display
  • Displays - Raw Multibeam - WASSP S3 - Bathymetry decoded but not shown (Positioning system was not interfaced, resulting in no computation trigger)


  • Offline - Export - Generic - QPD - Pipe Tracker - Can not export detected pipe ping based
    • Improved the export of QPD on Ping base/MP interval:
      The given MP interval should be a positive number, regardless of whether the survey was done with increasing or decreasing MP values. This is now detected automatically by the export process.

  • Offline - Export - SEG-Y - Innomar - Incredibly slow
  • Offline - Import - ASCII - KOAC WMD format not available anymore
  • Replay - Computation - 1st and 2nd replay compute different results


  • PM.NET - Crashes when resetting to factory defaults
  • PM.NET - CAD - Annotation - Crash when selecting edit annotation
  • PM.NET - CAD - Area - Unable to select a boundary
  • PM.NET - CAD - Line Planning - Changing color of circle makes it disappear
  • PM.NET - CAD - Line Planning - Crash when selecting lines
  • PM.NET - CAD - Line Planning - Edit Objects - When a section is added to a polyline, it is not displayed instantly
  • PM.NET - CAD - Line Planning - Export - Wrong default folder location by wizard (now Project export folder)
  • PM.NET - CAD - Line Planning - Extract from file - not possible to Design
  • PM.NET - CAD - Line Planning - Import - PRO-files as Line Data
  • PM.NET - CAD - VOM - Import points directly or into an empty file doesn't update in plan view
  • PM.NET - File Management - Explorer - Not all items translated to German
  • PM.NET - File Management - CAD - Lines stay visible even though they are switched off
  • PM.NET - Plan View - Raster - GeoTiff - Image sometimes not not visible
  • PM.NET - Plan View - Settings - Text not consistent in upper- and lower case
  • PM.NET - Plan View - Settings - Geographic grid - Always formatted as dd;mm;ss.sss
  • PM.NET - Profile - Changing plan view layer settings is creating multiple profiles
  • PM.NET - Profile - Export - Gaps in profiles due to hard to find link settings

    We added the Link settings to the Profile View Settings

  • PM.NET - Plotting - Left Fixed Scale not remembered
  • PM.NET - Plotting - Profiles - Error message when start and end distance (KP) along the line (route) are changed
  • PM.NET - QPD - Export - ASCII - Selected XML is not used to retrieve settings
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Contours and Soundings - Cancelling results in crash
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Difference - Using Design as reference layer results in crash
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Export - Crash after changing scale factor in user defined export format
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Export - Geotiff - Exporting 95% Confidence Level is not working
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Grid Edge - Functionality is not available for new created grids
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Import - Geoid - Cancel button doesn't work
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Import - Hangs on import of large ASCII files
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Import - Scale factor set to 0 by default (now set to 1)
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Interpolation - Write method should not be available
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Layer Properties - Colors should by default show custom colors

  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Operators - Adding Design model still referring to .qgf (now *.qgfdes)
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Volumes - Crashes when reference is Design and fields are empty  (now a warning is given)
  • PM.NET - Startup - Will not open project session due to missing Common Project (now a warning is given)
  • PM.NET - Tide - Tide definition file path not shown
  • PM.NET - Wrong path in warning when missing geoid


Below is a list of the important issues that have been resolved and functionality that has been implemented in this release. This list is not exhaustive.


  • Drivers - INS - Halliburton SAS - Option to output position in user selectable datum  FQI-326 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Drivers - Laser - RIEGL VZ-400i  FQI-382 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    The QINSy Laser driver now supports the RIEGL VZ-400i, an ultra High Performance 3D Laser Scanner which is the successor of their successful VZ-400 terrestrial laser scanner.This scanner in combination with QINSy can be used in profiler (2D) or in radar (3D) mode. Please see the drivers documentation for all the details.
  • Drivers - MBES - Kongsberg - Add support for KMALL format  FQI-479 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • The driver released in 8.18.3 only supports a single head.
      Dual Head support and Extra Detection improvements is being worked on.

  • Drivers - Output - DP-Waypoints - Missing user defined system name in UI  FQI-410 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Drivers - Surface Navigation - Kongsberg - RADius - Add Network version  FQI-357 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Drivers - Underwater sensor - Digiquartz driver - Add ini driver  FQI-370 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    How to add your IO Driver Editor

    If you have user defined drivers for systems created with our I/O Driver Editor and want them to be added to the QINSy Installation, please create a support ticket and add:

    • I/O Test Utility log file of the output format from the system
    • Documentation:

    Drivers - USBL - Target object - Clone (inherit) attitude from parent object  FQI-268 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • Offline - WCD Inspector - Make button available with QINSy Singlebeam  FQI-425 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • PM.NET - CAD - Line Planning - Import - Add extensions to 'Import of Planned Line Files'   FQI-427 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Contours and Soundings - Use the layer selected in Project Explorer  FQI-416 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • PM.NET - Sounding Grid - New - Geographical - Origin Mode always manual  FQI-463 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    Automatic mode was not working properly for creating Geoid Model grids, therefore the user needed to define the origin manually to prevent horizontal shifts. 

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New documents have been added to the online QINSy Knowledge Base:

This document has been reviewed and divided over several sub-pages:

  • How-to Eventing - Log specific events which occur during a recording session. For example the status of a pipeline or debris found on the seabed, or record when your dredging operation starts and ends.

Patches and Known Issues

For this release the following issues have been reported:


Issue description


Online - Computation - Unreliable heights

An ROV with a multibeam whereby the height settings are on unreliable (using Tide and a depth sensors) then in adverse weather the data will not be correct (ripple).
This is due to a bug that was introduced in QINSy 8.18.3

Use 8.18.2 instead

When the scenario is used with ROV in unreliable mode then QINSy 8.18.3 should not be used.
It will be solved in a future maintenance release

Please use 8.18.2 

Console - License Manager - SoftlockSoftlocks are under beta evaluation and will not be supplied for the 8.18.x versionsUse a HASP dongle
Console - License Manager

If you start a QPS application (QINSy, Qimera or Fledermaus) with a HASP dongle and you also have a softlock license for the same application on the same computer, our applications will always authenticate against the HASP. If you then pull out the HASP dongle, the usual warning will appear and the application will shut down unless the HASP dongle is reinserted in time to prevent this. This is the exact same behavior a user would have encountered prior to introduction of our softlock licensing system in that if you pull out a HASP and do not re-insert, then the application will close.

The limitation is that the current licensing system does NOT check for a softlock license after the HASP is removed, this is an improvement that we will consider in the future.

Do not start the application with a HASP if you expect to need to pull out the HASP dongle.

Do not pull out the HASP dongle.

Drivers - AISNon or only some AIS vessel names appear in the AIS contact labels in a navigation screen or in a list view in an Observation Physics display.
It seems that AIS message 5 containing static data like vessels name, length, width, antenna offsets etc is not used by QINSy.

Download the Patch and follow the steps in the readme file inside the ZIP file

Drivers - Generic Input - Ini files

The generic input drivers, created with the IO Driver Editor, do not decode individual fields which are 1 character in length. This unwanted behavior happens with both the serial and the network driver.

Download the Serial Patch and follow the steps in the readme file inside the ZIP file

Download the UDP Patch and follow the steps in the readme file inside the ZIP file

Drivers - Laser - SICK LMS511

Communication problems between QINSy and the SICK LMS5xx laser device: no incoming laser data will be decoded

There are several solutions:

  • Use the previous latest QINSy version: v8.18.2
  • or ask QPS Support for a patch that works with v8.18.3

Issue will be solved in next QINSy release

Drivers - MBES - EMController
  1. Selecting RS232 in the Options menu currently does not work. 
  2. Interfacing RS-422 currently does not work.
  1. Select RS-422
  2. Interface an RS232 signal and select RS-422

Fixed for 9.0.0

Generic Editor / Generic Display / Generic Output DriverA generic layout that contains an item with a default translation property (e.g. General, Recording Status) gets a duplicated translation table every time when being accessed. So the translation property table will unnecessarily grow in size and possible user-defined translation fields will be mistakenly overruled.
Download the Patch that works with v8.18.3

Issue will be solved in next QINSy release

Navigation Display - CAD - Design in BackgroundBackground file that was created by converting this from a design will not show lines when the start and end points of those lines are outside the view.Do not convert design files to background files. Note that this option is now disabled in this version.
Navigation Display - CAD - Background and Line Data - Not visibleWhen using UTM zones in the West, background files and Line Planning files did not show in 8.18.3 but do show in 8.18.2.

Download Navigation Patch and follow the steps in the readme file inside the ZIP file

Navigation Display - CAD
Processing Manager - CAD

Memory problem with CAD files which contain many complex Blocks.

Explode CAD file in your CAD package.
In a later release this will be solved.

Navigation Display
Processing Manager

The change in color maps may cause grids to look different from before.

Make sure to set the path to the Color Maps folder in the latest release. Setting the path correctly in the Console's Global Settings, will set it right for use throughout QINSy.
When loading projects created by older versions of QINSy in the PM.NET, you may sometimes need to re-select the color map to make it effective.

Processing Manager - ENC

Issue with different usage levels of ENC's of Rijkswaterstaat of the Netherlands. It is not possible to view the Zeeland ENC and Nederland ENC at the same time.
Rijkswaterstaat is updating the charts with new usage levels. More information about the Rijkswaterstaat updates can be found at:

Zeeland ENC does show up with usage level: Use 'Compilation' scale

Nederland ENC does show up with usage level: Use 'Custom and Standard'

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