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Qinsy 9.0.0 - Important Notes

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To be able to use Qinsy 9, an upgrade to your QINSy 8 license is needed.

All users will need to get in contact with Sales on how to obtain a new license.

Please contact Sales at or your Local Reseller

Support for version 8

What will be supported:

  • Only versions 8.18 or higher are supported. It is recommended to use the latest Maintenance release
  • Fixes and patches will in general only be for critical and blocker bugs. Less critical bugs are also candidates to be fixed but this is not guaranteed.
  • The software will be tested by our test protocols for the current operating systems at the time of this release. 
  • Support questions will be answered.
  • Training for QINSy 8 until 31st December 2021.
  • On site support for QINSy 8 until 31st December 2021.

Note that perpetual QINSy 8 licenses will continue to function.


An upgrade plan is available, please get in contact with Sales on how to obtain a new license. Contact Sales at

Database (Template) version

In this version the Qinsy database has been upgraded and is therefore not compatible with previous versions. New records have been added which are not compatible with previous versions.
Before the upgrade a backup of the template database is created in the Backup folder. Data that is recorded in Qinsy 9 is not compatible with previous versions.

The backup database will have .db_backup extension. To use it again with QINSy 8 copy the template database back in to the database root folder and remove the _backup from the extension.

QINSy vs Qinsy

The old spelling using 4 capitals in the name will no longer be used. From now on we will spell Qinsy with one capital. In case you were wondering what the acronym stands for : Quality Integrated Navigation System. 


The Knowledge Base contains documentation on how to set up the Geodetics in this new version of Qinsy: How-to Geodetic Upgrade 8.18.3 to 9.0.0 


Some changes have been made related to the QPS geodetic resources. When a previous Qinsy version is used then the installer will stop and indicate that a new geodetic installer 3.0.0 needs to be installed.
The QPS geodetic installer still needs to be installed before Qinsy can be installed.

The installer has grown in size and is now 1.7Gb

Softlock support

Similar to what has been available for Qimera there is now softlock support in Qinsy.  The softlock licensing has been rigorously tested with Qimera and Fledermaus for over 1.5 years, and we have done additional testing on this new licensing method in Qinsy to ensure that it is stable for use while online.  For trials and temporary hires we will mostly use softlocks. This will greatly facilitate the ease with which we can issue licenses since the softlock activation code is transmitted by email.  Users can still request dongles, but in the event that a very quick license is needed, then softlock licenses provide a great solution.

Softlocks work as follows: a code will be sent which needs to be activated in the License Manager under 'Add Activation Code'. In the activation process a server is contacted and the license is made activate. 

In the License Manager the license can also be de-activated so that the softlock can be activated on another computer.

For license servers, Qinsy does not yet support softlock and a HASP server license key is still required.  This will be implemented in a future release.

An internet connection is needed for activation of the softlock license.  Afterward, the licensing system will need to access the internet at least once every 90 days, otherwise the license becomes deactivated.  After 30 days away from an internet connection, the licensing system will start to remind users that they'll need an internet connection.

New icons and menus

The most used applications and displays of Qinsy have been updated with new icons to provide a fresh and modern feel. Some menus have been updated to match the other QPS products

New file type for Dynamic Surface

A new file type has been introduced for Dynamic Surface files. These files have the extension *.surface and are supported in:

  • Qinsy 9.0,
  • Qimera 2.0
  • Fledermaus 8.0

A surface file created in one of these products can be opened and used in the other products to create a seamless workflow.
Dynamic Surface files from previous Qinsy versions will be automatically upgraded to *.surface files by the Project Upgrader.

Survey Manager 64-bit


As part of our realignment of products the decision was made to change the name of the Processing Manager to Survey Manager and make it a 64-bit application (note that Qinsy itself remains a 32-bit application).  The main reason for changing the name is that it is confusing as Processing is not the main focus anymore.  In the past, the intention was to develop with the focus on Processing. With the launch of Qimera a few years ago, the focus of the Processing Manager has shifted away from Processing. 

What does this mean?

The Survey Manager's main function is support of a survey with the following functions:

  1. Sounding Grid operations
  2. Plotting
  3. Line planning
  4. CAD Functionality
    • Designs
    • Vertical Offset Models

Some processing related functionality, however, will continue to be available such as exports and the access to the Validator. This means that existing workflows will be supported.

Future strategy

The Survey Manager will be continued in the future as it is an important utility. New and useful functionality has been added to it and will continue to be added.  As we migrate more and more of the processing capability to Qimera, or other applications, we will notify users well in advance of timelines towards end-of-life for the components that are replaced and we will ensure a good amount of notice to allow users to adapt their workflows before retiring capabilities.