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Qinsy 9.1.0 - Bugs

Bug Fixes

Below you will find listings of bugs that have been reported in previous releases and have been solved for the Qinsy 9.1.0 release.
The QPS Support and Test Departments are testing reported cases from QINSy 8 with version 9.0.0 and newer versions to prevent issues from becoming part of Qinsy 9. 


  • Users will now be able to open the Console with the last project used by Qinsy 9. It will no longer automatically open the last used project by any Qinsy version





Offline / Replay

Survey Manager

Since Qinsy 9.0.0 the Processing Manager has changed into Survey Manager (64bit).

Bugs reported in the formert Processing Manager (PM.NET) will mainly be fixed within the Survey Manager unless they are Critical/Blocker issues and were decided to be solved in QINSy 8.

  • When starting the Survey Manager from the Qinsy Console, it was looking in the registry at the latest version installed and would start the latest version which could lead to opening the wrong project in the Survey Manager.
    This affects Qinsy 9.0.0 - 9.0.3 and has been solved for Qinsy 9.1.0 and onward.
    This means when using older Qinsy 9 versions beside 9.1.0 users can add the specific Survey Manager version in the bottom pane of the Console, using "Add Program", and can start it from there.