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Qinsy 9.2.0 - Known Issues

The QPS team is continuously improving Qinsy to implement new functionality and documentation. Unfortunately there are a number of known issues in our software release Qinsy 9.2.0.
These software issues will be solved in future maintenance releases. Please subscribe to our Newsletter and follow future maintenance releases to ensure optimal use of Qinsy 9.

For this release the following issues are known:

Online - Geodetics - HARN shift not applied

When HARN shift is selected it is not applied.
It is not an option to go back to an older version as this is already the case in the 8.18 version.

Console - Projects - Switching projects in previous Qinsy versions

If you have opened a project in 9.2.0 and want to open this in 9.1.1 this work fine. You can just close the 9.2.0 Console and open the 9.1.1 Console.
However, once you have opened the project in 9.1.1 you cannot switch to another 9.2.0 project via the Project dialog (see picture below).


  • Use the "Open Other" option in the project dialog.
  • Switch projects in 9.2.0 and then open it in 9.1.1
  • Switch projects in the Console → Project (menu item) → at the bottom you can also find you recently opened projects.
  • If you no longer have 9.2.0 installed you could now also double click on the QNC file of the project.

Drivers - Camera - Basler - crashes on Online startup

The computer has Pylon 6.0 installed and the camera can be used in Pylon.

Overwrite the Pylon 6.0 install with Pylon and this will do the trick to run Basler with Qinsy 9.

Drivers - INS - iXblue Std Bin - Incorrect Slot value for Heading

Affected users
Users who would like to decode heading information from iXblue equipment using the iXblue std bin format.

When setting up the iXblue std bin driver you need to select a Slot value for the heading.
The options are incorrect since you need to enter "HEADING".

Place this file: DRIVERS.IO.json (1.4 MB) in the following location:

  • C:\Users\Public\Documents\QPS\QINSy\Drivers

Planned fix version

  • Qinsy 9.2.1

Drivers - MBES - Ping DSP driver defaults

Affected users
Users who are adding the Ping DSP system to their Qinsy template.
Drivers manual.

In 9.2.0 we added driver defaults to make it easier so setup systems with Qinsy.
For the Ping DSP you need to enter a Roll offset of around 70°. This is now added as a Roll offset SD.

When adding this driver, add the value for the roll offset a described in the drivers manual.
Edit the Roll offset SD value back to 0.05°.

Planned fix version

  • Qinsy 9.2.1

Drivers - MBES - KMALL connection issue

Affected users
Everyone who wants to use the new KMALL format (K-Controller) in combination with Qinsy.

We made improvements for this in Qinsy 9.2.0 since we saw issues in 9.1.1. Unfortunately this resulted in a new problem.

This has been resolved and the following component can be used for that:

Please take the following steps to add this to Qinsy.

  1. Close Qinsy;
  2. Open the following folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\QPS\QINSy\9.2.0;
  3. Rename the current "DrvQPSFreeBase.exe". For example to "DrvQPSFreeBase.exe_bak";
  4. Place the component supplied here in that folder;
  5. Start Qinsy again.

Planned fix version

  • Qinsy 9.2.1

Displays - 3D Grid - Dynamic Surface

The new format in Qinsy 9.0.0 does not support the Dynamic Surface in the 3D Grid Display.


Please use a Sounding Grid instead of a Dynamic Surface.
The QPS team is currently developing a new display which will support the Dynamic Surface.
Unfortunately, this new development will take some time and will not be solved in the near future.

Please vote for a new situational awareness 3D Grid Display here:

  1. FQI-546 - Displays - 3D Point Cloud - Layers - Add support for Active Sounding Grids and Dynamic Surfaces
  2. FQI-548 - Displays - 3D Point Cloud - Layers - Add support for Design Models
  3. FQI-549 - Displays - 3D Point Cloud - Layers -Add support Additional Layers

Displays - Navigation - CAD Survey Manager

The QPS team encountered a memory problem with CAD files which contain many complex blocks.

Do not use CAD files which contain many complex blocks. This bug will be solved in a future maintenance release.

Displays - Navigation - ENC Survey Manager

Both the Survey Manager and Navigation Display are not Per monitor DPI aware.
With two monitors, each with different display scales, the scale on the secondary monitor will not be correct.
This also affects the way the ENCs are drawn.

Please vote on: FQI-605 - PM.NET - Plan View - Make per monitor DPI aware

Displays - Navigation - CAD

Converting a design file into a background file will not show lines when the start and end point of a line are outside the view. (Viewing Panel)

Do not convert design files into background files. If lines from a design are needed in the Navigation display then create a dedicated background file.

Displays - Navigation - ESRI layer

In Qinsy version 9.0.0 the ESRI layer in the Navigation Display is no longer available as it was using an outdated module.
This layer was only available with a valid runtime ESRI installation.

A new implementation is currently being worked on and will be available in a future release.

Survey Manager - Plan View - ENC

ENCs produced by Rijkswaterstaat for the Dutch province of Zeeland and ENCs produced by the Netherlands Hydrographic office cannot be displayed simultaneously due to the different usage levels and compilation scales of both producers.

For more information and updates: