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Qinsy 9.2.3 - Resolved Bugs

Bug Fixes

Below you will find listings of bugs which have been reported in previous releases and which have been solved for the Qinsy 9.2.3 release.
The QPS Support and Test Departments are testing reported cases from QINSy 8 with version 9.2.3 and newer versions to prevent issues becoming part of Qinsy 9. 





Additional info

The above issue related to the Socket server (and Remote Display Client) has occurred on several vessels.
Code changes have been made to fix this. However, since we could not reproduce the initial issue in the office, it is difficult to be sure if it has been fixed.

We did ask two customers to test this on board their vessel (which was successful), but the conditions might not be the same on every vessel.

So please let us know when you try this and especially if you run into problems.


Survey Manager

Since Qinsy 9.0.0 the Processing Manager has changed into Survey Manager (64bit).

Bugs reported in the former Processing Manager (PM.NET) will mainly be fixed within the Survey Manager unless they are Critical/Blocker issues and were decided to be solved in QINSy 8.