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Qinsy 9.4.1 - Important Notes

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To be able to use Qinsy 9, an upgrade to your QINSy 8 license is needed.

All QINSy 8 users will need to get in contact with Sales to obtain a new license.

Please contact Sales at or your local Reseller.

Database (Template) version

In Qinsy 9.0 and upward, the version of the Qinsy database has been upgraded and is therefore not compatible with previous versions (8.18).

In this release, new records have been added which are not compatible with previous versions, which means that Qinsy 9.4 database files will not be supported in earlier versions (8.18 and 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3).
The *.db version upgrade changes were made for:

  • The tide priorities, allowing for cascading tide strategies.
  • Single beam improvements (extended records).
  • Depth sensors reference level options (water level / tide corrected).

If you open older *.db files in Qinsy 9.4, it will prompt you to upgrade the files. Before the upgrade, a backup of the template database is created in the Backup folder.
Using the new Qinsy 9.4 version in previous Qinsy versions may lead to file corruptions.

The backup database will have .db_backup as file extension. To use it again with Qinsy 9.3.x or earlier, copy the template database back into the database root folder and remove the _backup from the file extension.
The same can be done when upgrading from QINSy 8 to Qinsy 9.4.

For Qimera users, Qinsy 9.4 *.db files will be readable in Qimera 2.4, but not in earlier versions for the same reasons as stated above.

For FMGT users, a release for FMGT is planned shortly to be able to read the newer *.db files. In the meantime, users are encouraged to prepare the GSF files for FMGT using Qimera 2.4.

For FMMidwater users, a release is planned shortly as well to be able to read the newer *.db files. We advise to avoid upgrading to Qinsy 9.4 until FMMidwater is released and able to read the new *.db files.


The Knowledge Base contains documentation on how to set up the Geodetics in this new version of Qinsy: How-to Geodetic Upgrade QINSy 8 to Qinsy 9 .

End of support for Qinsy on Windows 7

Microsoft has ended Support for Windows 7 in January 2020 and QPS also stopped supporting Windows 7, as announced in the 9.2 Release Notes last year.
Qinsy 9.3 and upward have not been tested on Windows 7. Any problems with this version related to the Windows 7 Operating System will not be solved.

It is highly recommended to switch to Windows 10.