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Qinsy 9.5.0 - Known Issues

The QPS team is continuously improving Qinsy to implement new functionality and documentation. Unfortunately, there are a number of known issues in our software release Qinsy 9.5.0.
These software issues will be solved in future maintenance releases. Please subscribe to our Newsletter and follow future maintenance releases to ensure optimal use of Qinsy 9.

Drivers - Output - Autopilot - Calculated vessel track in incorrect

In Qinsy 9.5.0 a bug was introduced where the calculated track is incorrect.
See an example below:

You can download and use the following patch:

Planned fix
The fix is planned for 9.5.1.

Displays - Navigation - CAD

Converting a design file into a background file will not show lines when the start and end point of a line are outside the view. (Viewing Panel)

Do not convert design files into background files. If lines from a design are needed in the Navigation Display, then create a dedicated background file.

Displays - Navigation - CAD Survey Manager

The QPS team encountered a memory problem with CAD files which contain many complex blocks.

Do not use CAD files which contain many complex blocks. This bug will be solved in a future maintenance release.

Displays - Navigation - ENC Survey Manager

Both the Survey Manager and Navigation Display are not Per monitor DPI aware.
With two monitors, each with different display scales, the scale on the secondary monitor will not be correct.
This also affects the way the ENCs are drawn.

Please vote on: FQI-605 - Survey Manager - Plan View - Make per monitor DPI aware

Survey Manager - Plan View - ENC

ENCs produced by Rijkswaterstaat for the Dutch province of Zeeland and ENCs produced by the Netherlands Hydrographic office cannot be displayed simultaneously due to the different usage levels and compilation scales of both producers.

For more information and updates:

Survey Manager - Sounding Grid - Import Geoid Model

Since Qinsy 9.5.0 it is possible again to import most Geoid models into a sounding grid.
The only Geoid models that cannot be imported yet, are the ones that cross the dateline (+180° East/West).

Please let us know if you do need to import such a model.