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This page will cover several frequently asked questions related to Qinsy online displays.

Navigation Display

Navigation Display related questions


Why does the Geotiff end up in the wrong location?

The geodetic settings of your project and the Geotiff might not be the same.
Note that the Navigation Display ignores the geodetic settings in the file at the moment (Qinsy 9.3.0).

The solution would be to make sure the software in which you created the Geotiff had the same geodetic settings as Qinsy does.

The Survey Manager does take this into account and reprojects it to the project's coordinate system.
So it might be that it does look okay in the Survey Manager.

It might also be that the Geotiff is wrongly displayed because it is too large (>10,000 pixels square).
In this case it might be better to convert your Geotiff to an ECW file.
Why is my Geotiff not shown?This might be related to one of the answers above.

Some types of Geotiff are not supported by the Navigation Display:

  • 32bits DEM Geotiffs.

Side Scan Image Display

Side Scan Image display related questions