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Qinsy - Installation

This page will cover several frequently asked questions related to Qinsy online displays.


Qinsy installer related questions.

PC requirements

Which operating systems are supported by Qinsy?For more info: Qinsy - Operating Systems Requirements.
What are the recommended computer specifications for Qinsy?For more info: Qinsy - Hardware requirements
What are the recommended computer specifications for Remote Display Clients?For more info: Qinsy - Hardware requirements

After Qinsy installation icons are displayed as black boxes.

This has to do with the display properties of your computer. Probably your color quality is set to 16 bits. The icons need a quality of 32 bits.
Changing this setting will probably solve the problem.

Does Qinsy run with MSXML6?

Yes, the releases after QINSy MSI 8.10.2015.11.28.1 use MSXML6. MSXML6 is part of Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1 and Windows 10.
Older versions of QINSy require the installation of MSXML4. MSXML4 can be installed beside MSXML6. MSXML4 can be downloaded from QPS or from Microsoft directly.

During the installation I get a warning related to OPC, what should I do?

If you don't use OPC or have no idea what it is, please ignore this message and continue the installation.
Qinsy should install fine.

If you are using OPC you might not have Administration rights on your PC.
If you do and it still does not work, please contact QPS Support.

QPS geodetic resources

QPS geodetic resources related questions.

InstallationWhich models are part of the installer?QPS - Geodetic resources 3.0.3 - Release notes

Geodetic resources are missing and need to be installed first.

Problems installing Qinsy have been reported.
The following message is reported:


In case of the above displayed message, you still have to install the Geodetic Resources which can be downloaded at the bottom of the Qinsy download page as QPS Geodetic Package.

Please ensure you are logged in on you PC using the local admin account.

Install locationWere are the Geoid files stored?

Qinsy uses multiple locations for Geoid files:

Installation LocationGeoid type
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\QPS\Geo\GeoidAll Geoid files installed by Qinsy using the separate QPS Geodetic Package 3.0.3 installer
C:\Users\Public\Documents\QPS\Shared\Geo\GeoidManually created Geoids, export location from the Survey Manager.
Project folder\GeoidQPS vertical offset models in QGFVOM format
Common Files Folder\Geoid
Also known as Support folder.