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Qinsy - Survey Manager

This page will cover several frequently asked questions related to the Survey Manager.

Raster (GeoTiffs, ECW, Mosaics)

Raster related questions.

GeotiffWhy is my Geotiff not showing in the Survey Manager even though I can load it into the Navigation Display?

Survey Manager looks at the geodetic settings in the file.
If they do not match with the project settings, the image will be reprojected so it is still drawn in the correct location.

It might be that the coordinates in the file are correct for the project's geodetic settings, but the header of the file contains other geodetic settings.

In this case try to change the geodetic settings with the software with which you originally created the geotiff.

QPD - Import/Export

QPD related questions regarding import and export.

LaserDoes Qinsy export data to Cyclone (Leica)?Yes, Qinsy can export Laser data to the Cyclone *.pts file format from the Survey Manager. 
The first line contains a value indicating the number of points to follow. 

All other lines contain the point data in the format 'East North Height Quality', all space-character separated.