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How-to Heading from multiple Positioning Systems

In the earlier versions one needed to change a registry setting, but this has been changed.
Users can now use multiple positioning systems to calculate a True Heading.

Please follow the following steps:

  1. Setup
    1. Please make sure that your positioning systems are outputting a quality string that contains the horizontal and vertical accuracies (i.e. $GPGST).
    2. Make sure that the nodes you enter are correct otherwise the adjustment will fail.

  2. Online
    1. Create an extra computation in the Computation Setup
    2. Select 2 or more positioning systems in that computation

      1. The positioning system with the lowest update rate should be the triggering system

    3. Select for each system the Preferred Position SD: System Driver to allow QINSy to use the real time quality information (if supplied by the positioning system).

    4. Generic Display