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How-to Install ESRI ArcGIS Desktop

This How-to explains the steps required to install the ESRI ArcGIS Desktop and to configure its licensing.
The ESRI ArcGIS Engine needs to be installed in order to use the ESRI ArcGIS query functionality which was added as a plugin to the Navigation Display.

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Installing the ESRI ArcGIS Engine version 10.6

  • Check if you environment is suitable to install the ESRI ArcGIS Desktop by checking it against the requirements as found on the ESRI website.
    The installation will require administrative privileges. Please contact your system administrator in case you don’t have these privileges.
  • Download ESRI ArcGIS Engine from ESRI Customer Care Portal.
  • Install the ESRI ArcGIS Engine Runtime by executing the downloaded file.
  • If required customize the location to which the files will be extracted. You should have write access in the selected location.
  • Start the extraction of the files. You will be notified when the extraction is complete.
  • To automatically start the installation using the extracted files leave the ‘Launch the setup program’ checkbox checked.

Configuring the ESRI ArcGIS 10.6 licensing

Once the installation is finished start ArcGIS Administration Wizard using the start menu.  
This should show the following dialog:


Select the appropriate ArcGIS Desktop:

  • Select the ‘ArcGIS Desktop (Concurrent Use)’ option in case a license server is running on the network which is able to provide a license.
    When this option is selected define the License Manager and browse on the PC that is running the license server .
  • Select the ‘ArcGIS Desktop (Single Use)’ option in case a local single user license is used.

Click OK which should show a dialog similar to the one found below:


The ArcGIS 10.6 Desktop is now ready for use by Qinsy and/or Fledermaus.