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Remote Qinsy Offshore training

This 2 day training curriculum is focused on the more advanced Qinsy users who would like to expand their knowledge in Qinsy for the offshore market. 

The remote training consists of several sessions, where each session is divided into several demonstrations and exercises. After each demonstration an exercise will be provided. Participant will have time to finish the exercise within the session. During the exercises the trainer is on standby for questions.

The morning session is held from 0900 – 1130 CET and the afternoon session from 1300 – 1530 CET.

Day 1

Morning Session I

  • Introduction
  • Offshore Vessel Setup
  • Computations
    • Comparison computations
    • Failing computation
  • Additional Objects
    • Rov Objects
    • USBL z vs depth Sensor

Afternoon Session II

  • Bargetrack & Touchdown calculation cable lay vessel
    • Display Setup
    • Online 
  • IO Driver editor
    • Additional input

Day 2

Morning Session III

  • Offshore Construction Vessel Setup
    • Multi Object
    • Linking
  • Display Setup
  • IO Driver

Afternoon Session  IV

  • Generic
    • Output
    • Logfile
  • Object Positioning
  • Demo Anchor Handling

  • Software license provided for 2 weeks
  • Training Manual
  • Training Data