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Qinsy, Qimera & Fledermaus training

This 5 day training curriculum is for the QPS Products: Qinsy, Qimera and Fledermaus workflows.  

The QPS remote training is focused on the multibeam bathymetric data workflow in the QPS software suite and we will touch on the basics of the backscatter workflow. The remote training consists of several sessions.  Each session is divided into several demonstrations and exercises. After each demonstration an exercise will be provided. Participant will have time to finish the exercise within the session. During the exercises the trainer is on standby for questions. The morning session is held from 0900 – 1130 ADT and the afternoon session from 1300 – 1530 ADT.

Day 1

Morning Session I

  • Introduction to QPS & Qinsy
  • Template setup MBES vessel
    • MBES
    • MRU
    • GNSS receiver

Afternoon Session II

  • Line Planning
  • Display Setup
  • Online QC

Day 2

Morning Session III

  • Session setup
  • Computation setup
  • Echosounder Settings


Afternoon Session IV

  • Survey Manager
  • Plotting

Day 3

Morning Session V

  • Introduction to Qimera
  • Point Cleaning

Afternoon Session VI

  • Automated Filtering
  • Processing Settings
  • Exporting data

Day 4

Morning Session VII

  • Patch Test Utility
  • Additional Data (Tide & SBET)
  • Sound Velocity Editing
  • Time Series Editor and Multiplot


Afternoon Session VIII

  • Backscatter Mosaic creation

Day 5

Morning Session IX

  • Introduction to Fledermaus
  • Scene Composition
  • Operations


Afternoon Session X

  • Presentation mode
  • Data deliverables


  • Software license provided for 2 weeks
  • Training Manual
  • Training Data


  • Webcam for video and microphone for audio
  • Internet connection that supports screen & data sharing
  • Windows 10 os. with administration rights
  • Hydrographic background

Five day training price € 1250 / $ 1500