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The product suggestions you provide to us enable us to continue improving our products. The Feedback project contains feedback that you have brought forward, for instance as suggestions in JIRA or through contact with Support or Sales.

You can further participate in the process to bring your favorite issue forward by tracking, watching, commenting on and voting for issues. We will be reviewing the input closely and will factor it into our roadmap decisions. Thus we can ensure that we continue to meet your needs now and in the future. 

You can read more about our reasoning behind this process and also how we use it, in the Feedback Policy.

Would you like to know how to vote? You can find the answer on this page: Using the Voting System

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This pie chart shows an overview of the feedback items with different resolutions.


Fix For Versions (all) Issue Type
ImprovementImprovement New FeatureNew Feature T:
8.18.3 10 7 17
9.0.0 35 39 74
8.18.4 1 0 1
9.0.1 1 0 1
9.1.0 11 6 17
9.2.0 13 11 24
9.2.1 1 0 1
9.2.2 1 2 3
9.2.3 1 1 2
8.18.2 2 1 3
Total Unique Issues: 161 134 295
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JIRA Overview

A more in-depth overview of all the Qinsy feedback issues can be found here: Qinsy JIRA Overview