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QPS Support Ticket System

QPS has updated its Online Ticket System in order to keep providing the best support possible.
With the new system, some changes will happen to the way customers were used to contacting our Support Department.
This document will provide basic information on how to work with our new QPS Ticket System, for both new and existing users.
If there are still any further questions, please see our Q&A page or contact QPS Support.

On this page:


The URL to the Ticket system is:

Log in

Users need to have a username and password in order to use the QPS Ticket System.
If you already had an account in our previous system the same username and password can be used.

When no previous account is available, use the "Sign up for an account" option and provide the requested information.

Overview QPS Ticket System

After the login, you will land on the main page.

On the main page the following options can be found:

  • User Profile
  • Overview of the Requests shared with your organization as well as your own generated Requests
  • Search our Knowledge Base with the help of the search bar
  • Product specific portals in order to find articles per product and generate Requests for that product

Users are always able to come back to the main page by clicking on the "QPS" logo in the upper left corner.

User Profile

The User Profile can be found in the upper right corner.

Here, the user can control settings for their account like:

  • Specify an e-mail address for notifications
  • Change password
  • Set an Avatar
  • Name, as will be shown in the Requests
  • Language

Requests Overview

In the upper right corner, customers can also find their Requests.

Clicking on "Requests #" will open a drop-down menu with a selection, from here you can choose which Request overview should be displayed.
Conversations from the previous system will be moved to the Ticket system.

When an overview is opened, the user can choose between a number of default views that can be used:

  • Open requests - All requests that are currently ongoing
  • Any status - All requests regardless of the status
  • Created by me - All requests that are created by the current user
  • Created by anyone - All requests created by anyone within your organisation
  • Where am I a Participant - All requests in which you are a participant

From the overview page,

it is easy to keep track of requests that need your attention and requests that are currently with QPS Support, with the means of the status column.
When the status is "Waiting for Customer" it means that QPS Support is waiting on you to provide more information; when the status is "QPS Investigating" it means that QPS Support is currently investigating your request.

To open a request select the request of interest.
When the request is opened, you can add more information, as well as share it with somebody (even outside your organisation).

For more information about how requests can be generated, please see the Product Portals section

Search the Knowledge Base

From the main page, you can search all our product documentation, how-to/reference manuals/Q&A, with the help of the search bar.

Type in what you need help with and any article matching the description will come up for you to view.

Product Portals

Selecting one of the QPS products on the main page will bring you to that product's portal.

In this portal, all information about that product can be found.

You can use the search bar in the product portal to find documentation, how-to's, reference manuals, and Q&A of the product.

If the necessary information cannot be found, customers can generate a Request.
The request will be generated from the product which is selected, e.g. when a request is generated from the Qimera portal a Qimera request will be created.

Please see the steps below on how a request can be generated.

Generate a Request

In order to generate a Request, a product portal should be selected.

From there three options will become available (the previous naming is also provided):

  • I have a question - Question
  • Something is broken - Bug
  • I have an idea - Suggestion

When one of the above options is selected, the Ticket System will adjust the necessary fields that are needed for this Request.

For each Request, we require a summary and description.
When you enter the summary the Ticket System will come up with articles that could be relevant, based on the summary.

Clicking on the articles will access them.

If the shown articles are not of relevance for you, the pop-up can be closed.
Apart from the summary, a description of the request is necessary.
If you experience any technical problems, please add any relevant steps that are taken which result in the technical problems.

The more information in the description about the request, the faster and better QPS Support can provide information and help you further.

After this, you can set a priority for the current request.
QPS Support attempts to respond to all issues in a timely manner, however, urgent requests i.e. issues that stop the user from continuing to work will receive priority.

With the affects version(s) and Windows version, it helps QPS Support to try and reproduce what the reporter is experiencing.

If preferred, the reporter can add others from the same organisation as participants on this request. An example could be to add the surveyor that is in the opposite shift so you both can participate in the same request.

In the Attachment section, all relevant screen captures, movies, and files can be added.
Please keep in mind the file size limit is 20Mb; if bigger files are needed you can use our WeTransfer link that will be provided in the confirmation e-mail.

Finally, the reporter can decide if the request should be shared with the organisation (default option) or if a private request should be generated.
Please keep in mind that if a private request is generated, nobody else can participate in the request.

When everything is filled in and all the necessary information is provided, the request can be generated using the "Create" button.
You will receive a confirmation e-mail when the request is generated.

In the request overview, the newly created request can be viewed.
As soon as QPS Support starts investigating the request, the reporter, and all other participants, will receive e-mail notifications with the e-mail that is listed in your profile.